Alone In the Dark…

The boys of raannt are both lovers of Halloween as well as the entire genre of horror films…and folks, it takes a lot to scare us!!!
In fact, since The Collector left the theaters, we’ve been waiting for a movie to make us jump in our seats and check closets before we go to bed.

And we think we may have just found that movie starting in Indianapolis this weekend. Paranormal Activity, a film which has been compared to The Blair Witch Project and slated to be even more terrifying, has been playing across the country but will open in more than 30 more markets this upcoming weekend. It is being called “the scariest movie of the decade”!

Although it doesn’t show much, we thought we’d give you a glimpse inside of the trailer to see just what this film is all about…

Don’t be caught alone in the dark…boo!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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