All Of This Fame is Driving Me A “Little” Crazy!

Indy Celebrity Status
It’s crazy to think I met Ali Chapman almost 15 years ago standing, all 3-feet 6-inces, by the dance floor at what was then Eden nightclub. Over the years, we have remained friends, sometimes close and other times…well, let’s just say she get’s really busy. And now, she’s busier than ever. “As a little person, I don’t let my size stop me from doing everything I want to do with my life!”

I Am Legend
Several years ago, Ali was sitting around her apartment when she found an ad, listed by Will Smith, for a stunt double for his daughter in the movie “I Am Legend”. On a whim, Ali wrote his producers, only to find out just a few weeks later, that she had landed the part. What started out as a late night dream, turned into a two-week reality where she met and worked with Will Smith while filming the movie in New York City. “You know how a lot of girl’s dream about their wedding day? That was my wedding day. That was my dream achieved!” She told me on the phone last night as she was getting ready to go out on the town with her manager. (Below is a picture of Ali as the stunt double in the film “I Am Legand”.

WE…Women’s Entertainment Network
On September 22nd at 10pm, Ali will make her television premier on the WE channel’s television show “The Secret Lives of Women.” To read more about the television show, click here. Ali will be hosting a premier party at the Blu Martini this Tuesday from 9-11:30 p.m. to watch her premier and to meet Ali, if you don’t already know her from running the streets of Broad Ripple! We’ll be there and we hope to see you too!

Wedding Bells?
So what else has Ali been up to lately? “I do this act with a band in Chicago called “Wedding Band”. Ali explained to me that she gets on stage, sometimes dressed as a dominatrix and performs with the band, adding star quality. “It is so much fun…when I was asked to do it, I didn’t believe it could ever be so much fun.” To see Wedding Banned’s promo video, watch below.


A Little Entertainment
Years ago, after one of Ali’s trips to New York, I met her at The Casbah in Broad Ripple to listen to a friend/DJ spin downstairs. When I sat next to her at the bar, she whipped her new, blond hair back and looked at me, “Do you love my new Beyonce hair?” We both laughed and made a night of jumping from bar to bar, every few seconds stopping as all of Ali’s friends and uhhh…fans, stopped her to say hi. She has always been a staple of local Indy’s night scene, especially Broad Ripple, where she can be found in the past checking coats at Peppers or chatting it up at the Alley Cat. And if you’re interested, I know for a fact she’ll be out tonight…running the streets.
Now, Ali is managed by Johnny of A Little Entertainment. But what about her future? ” I would love to start in a movie.” She says. At first we both laugh, and then we both start talking about it…why not, look at what else she’s done so far! Ali has always been an inspiration to me and makes me realize just how much we can all achieve if we want it bad enough! Right on girl! Can’t wait to see you tonight…

And we can’t wait to see you on Tuesday at the Blu Martini. Everyone should come out and be part of her premier. And for more information on Ali or for booking, please hit the link for A Little Entertainment above.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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