Alaska Thunderfuck…Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day!

alaska thunderfuck 3_raannt

People are probably wondering if we’re only going to post contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race in our Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day category and the answer is NO! But…we will be posting our favorite queens who not only entertain us and intrigue us, but also stun us with their look or looks, no matter what they are.

Alaska Thunderfuck has been one of our favorites for a long time.  We’ll admit that we hadn’t heard of her until Sharon Needles’ rise to fame of RDR, but we love her now.  Not only are we obsessed with her ever changing look, but her instant off the cuff humor and her true intelligence as a performer keeps us guessing.  We’ve pulled a few of our favorite pictures of her from her Instagram but please go check it out yourself…she’s amazing!

alaska thunderfuck 2_raannt

alaska thunderfuck 1_raannt


Alaska’s website!

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And stay tuned for all of our new Sexy List picks tomorrow!

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