A Wet TomorrowWorld 2015 – Day 2 Recap

TomorrowWorld Day 2
TomorrowWorld Day 2

Rain & mud everywhere! This is going to be interesting!
3:45pm: after much needed rest we head to TomorrowWorld for our interview with MaRLo.
4:50pm: NO! BIG! DEAL! Ansolo, aka: Ansel Elgort aka: they guy from The Fault in Our Stars hanging out in the press area!

Ansolo - Angel Elgort
Ansolo – Angel Elgort

5pm: Interview with MaRLo.
5:45pm: New ATL killed the ATL stage. They bring an incredible blend of hard core hip hop and electro beats with the right amount of microphone talk.
6:15pm: Kidnap Kip rocked the Pete Tong Stage with some deep techno and high energy.
6:35pm: Shiba San… O!M!G! Literally one of our favorites. Incredible! His ability to get the crowed hipped (I mean on top of the TomorrowWorld hype) makes you wish you had the energy to never stop. Literally! Awesome! Off to the Artist Mansion to chat with Seven Lions.
7:45pm: interview with Seven Lions
8:15pm: Ran into New ATL at the artists mansion. Great cats and they’re ready to go oh your! Check them out:
9:15pm: Pete Tong at the Pete Tong Stage. Man this guys is not only an original to the monumental Electronic Music movement, he is also able to stay current with every bit of classic sounds! The beats are sexy and the atmosphere is euphoric.
9:45pm: This year we made it a point to try new music and DJs, check out day one – it’s full of people we’ve never heard of or check out before – so We parked our butts at the Mythical Frames Stage for some new music! Starting with Gramatik! This cat really knows how to throw some sick beats! He blends current hard sounds with classic tracks and creates unbelievable music! We’re totally hooked!
10-11:15pm: We sat for a while. Two days of straight dancing and raging on top of walking and working really beats your body! So we took this time to watch, talk, hang, and really take in the experience of what TomorrowWorld meant to us… Not to mention that it was an awesome bonding experience!
11:35pm: Bassnectar! Many, many, many of you have seen him before and love his music. Me? Not so much… until Saturday night. His stage presences is magnetic and man on man can he put on a show!!! The crowd goes crazy. The Mythical Frames area is crazy packed and people are intuned with anything he drops! Small glow sticks fly in the air every time a killer beat drops.
12:15am: We make our way back to the main stage, figure to catch a bit of Hardwell before we head to our tent to catch the last bus of the night…. Oh Hardwell… You’re literally a force to be reckoned with! I wanted to show Juan the power of Hardwell and thought it might be a hard sale after Bassnectar… but nope! He loved him! Maybe not as much as I do, but it was a killer show!

Hardwell Closing Saturday Night at TomorrowWorld
Hardwell Closing Saturday Night at TomorrowWorld

12:50am: This is where things start to go south for TomorrowWorld. We walk back our normal way to our tent and we feel the “hurry-up” energy from the security team. So we moved quickly, mainly because we don’t want to keep anyone waiting. Our experience has been that everything moves on time and smoothly. We gather our things and make our way to the shuttle. As we drive down chaos starts to brew… literally people running everywhere, wondering which shuttle to take, TomorrowWorld staff screaming at each other because they’re being told different things from different people, traffic directors screaming at festival goers, press, and artist companions to not move or to get out of the way with no form of understanding where to send them or where they should be at. Luckily, we get on our shuttle and got back to our hotel by 3am… That wasn’t the story for many tonight…

Juan Carlos Paredes’s, our college intern, day 2 perspective:

“It’s 1:54 and Alex and I are at a local diner fueling up for today. Last night was pretty wild. Tiesto closed TW and I was so exhausted that I could barely summon the energy to move around. I still had a good time but a valuable lesson was learned. Don’t go hard af during the day so we can rage at night. Rookie mistake. At one point we sat on the wet ass ground for about an hour cuz of how exhausted we were. But a couple beers later lifted the spirits back to raging mode. Today we’re showing up a little later and I’m not upset about it. Leaving the hotel I’m amazed to see how many TW-ers are in full costume. Especially the ladies. Let’s see what today has in store.
8:46 pm and we’re currently at the artist mansion waiting on the last interview. Today has been more work than anything. I don’t mind tho because it gives my body and soul a chance to recover. However, I wish I was still out there since it is my first music festival and who knows when I’m gonna come back. I definitely want to continue making this kinds of trips, hopefully I’ll have a job that pays me well enough to make that happen.

This is your life, make every second legendary!
This is your life, make every second legendary!

I also found a new dj that I fucking loved. Their name is New ATL and they were incredible. They literally had everything I love about in music all into one incredible performance. Not only that but I had a chance to meet them and get there picture. Their cool ass dudes.

Juan Carlos Paredes & New ATL at TomorrowWorld 2015
Juan Carlos Paredes & New ATL at TomorrowWorld 2015

It’s Saturday and I can easily say that there was the most amount of people in one place I’ve ever seen in my life. A literal sea of people. And I wish I was a part if it currently. But I can’t really complain because I was fortunate enough to get a ticket. Beggars can’t be choosers but I’d prefer to choose to be out there loosing my mind. I’ve also met some pretty cool people while helping out Alex with the PR and press for raannt. Bassnectar performs tonight and I’ll be upset with myself if I didn’t get a chance to see him perform. Alejandro, Stringfield and Trev have been the only one of my friends to ask me how this experience has been which is no big deal because I understand human nature and the apathy to ask a simple question like that but it’d be nice to hear from more people about how I’m doing. Maybe that should be a learning lesson for me. Anyways we just found out that the dj won’t be able to make so we’re about to make the best of the rest of tonight!!!!”

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