We’re Everywhere!!!

This week our new social review and gossip column will premier on the new and improved IndyScene!

In the last year since we’ve started our blog we’ve had the opportunity to attend events, fashion shows, pageants, club openings, parties and many other functions as well as interview celebrities both local and nationally.

We’ve also won several awards, within our first six months of publishing, and continue to be nominated for other blog and social review awards!

Besides all of this, we are also the gossip columnists for The Bilerico Project-Indiana, write provoking observations on Thoughts From the Couch and have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, LOGO’s AfterElton.com, and several other national blogs and syndicated columns!

So we’d just like to give a shout out to everyone who has been so awesome in helping us get this far and take us seriously…even with our humor in consideration. With sincerity, we mean every last word of sarcasm and cynical observation!!!

We’ll continue to bring you opinions and gossip and hope to keep our eye on the prize!!!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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