Indy’s Social Clout!!!

For the past year, we have been honored to have been able to float through the night at parties or club openings, hang out by the boats all day at Bella Vita in the summer and meet all kinds of amazing people…but we continue to be asked one question on a regular basis?

Who is it important to know in Indianapolis?

Well, we guess it depends on how you define “important”, being that we have no desire to be the next CEO of Lilly, not that we’re qualified, or to be a chef at The Columbia Club. Oh, all of those careers would probably be quite interesting, but we’re talking about the behind the scenes, Hollywood/Vegas Party vibe right here in Indianapolis. Alot of people THINK they run the show, but that’s not quite the case. If you watch carefully, as we have over the past year, you will realize that the same people run in the same circles and they make things happen in this city. And consequentially, we’re now able to call many of these people our dear friends…but others we hardly know…Needless to say…if you want to get anywhere in this town socially…The following is who you NEED to know…and whether you agree or not doesn’t really matter…because it’s the truth! So Indy…If you were a play…this would be your cast!!!

1. The Hostess…Donna Deer Gorgeous and approachable, she and her husband Richard Deer are literally at almost every party with their entourage of friends…and also host some of the best parties in the city! We love them because they’re fun and don’t seem to care what other people think…if it’s glitzy…it’s probably the Deers!
2. The King…Richard Deer Entrepreneur and liver of life…we don’t really know these two…although we wish we did, but we see them everywhere and believe they add true color to the social scene of Indy!
3. The Prince of the City…J.R. PeareOwner and operator of IndyScene…he’s the guy everyone whispers about when he walks in the room…
4. The Mentor…Harvey LevinThe guy that makes it happen…
5. The Queen…Vicki St. JamesWorking three nights a week as a headlining performer at Talbott Street, she brings grace and style to the stage…
6. The Foreign Heiresses…Yana Botsman and Luz Reyes Amazing dolls with Amazing Style…and a little mysterious!
7. The Owner…Darren Block Part owner of Landsharks in Broadripple and husband to Sky Block who literally knows everyone in Indianapolis…
8. The Art Collector…Michael StrapulosOwner of Talbott Street who likes to collect…beautiful things!
9. The Style Guy…Andrew of Ballcaps and NecktiesLocal Blogger of Ballcaps and Neckties with eye on style!
10. Miss Beauty and Brains…Melissa ElrodDefinitely the one to watch…student by day and celebutante at night…she and boyfriend Bryan Schmidt have helped us meet half of the people on this list…and for that, we love them!
11. The Talker…Bryan SchmidtPromoter and planner…always with a new idea! Networking genius!
12. The Mayor…Bianka KrauschOnly in Indy half of the year, she and boyfriend/fiance Chad Folk, have one of the most amazing houses in Indianapolis which they use for entertaining and charity events…
13. The Entrepreneur…Chad FolkComputer guru and all around nice guy
14. The Ingenue…Bailee ZimmermanMiss Teen Indiana 2009 and on her way out of Indy to pursue modeling/acting…she will one day be the supermodel who visits her hometown of Indianapolis!!!
15. The Most Popular…Jeana CordrayEnough Said…she knows everyone…she’s everywhere!
16. The Law…Carol TownsendAs Deputy Prosecutor for Marion County…This girl probably has the best style in all of Indy…Seriously!
17. The Pied Piper…Joe MeltonThe drummer who beats to the rhythm of the DJ…he has an incredible following all over town!
18. The Earth Mother…Sky BlockWife of Darren Block, owner of Landsharks, mother of Heaven, huge supporter of gay rights and originator of “Dance Classes”, this Diva has become a true best friend…with interests from spirituality to fashion, she is at all times stylish, thoughtful, kind and clever!
19. The Model…Olga AlkhutovaA must in every local fashion show!
20. The Dancer…Mya Azuaje…Go Go Dancer extraordinaire and friend to all DJ’s!!!
21. Little Miss Sunshine…Ali Chapman…Rarely do we EVER meet someone who doesn’t know Ali…
22. The Narrators…Peter Monn and Alex Paredes…The Boys of raanntEnough Said…

NOTE: We removed someone, at his request although he originally gave us his approval, because he wasn’t comfortable with the reception he was receiving. We don’t want to hurt anyone, so we will remove him…but just for the record, true social clout wouldn’t care. All the best buddy!!! We hope your true friends really realize what a contribution you are to this city…

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!!!

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