Tiësto’s “Light Years Away [Featuring DBX] “Remixes” – Killing it!

tiesto light years away official remixes 2014_raannt

OH MY GOD! Yes, we are huge fans of Tiesto, but come on… who isn’t?! And don’t give us any of the B.S. about him being too commercial or whatever. The fact is that his brought electronic music to what is today and thanks to his unreal creativity we have other forms of electronic music. So, with that said… ‘Light Years Away’ brings that essence of original 90s electro beats perfectly mixed with the electro technology and culture of today’s EDM scene. The vocals are elevating while the high energy track keeps the focus on the “feel” of the original track = feeling like you’re ‘Light years Away’. Check out the Remixes of Tiesto’s collaboration with DBX:


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