The Douche Slayer…Our Big Brother!!!

The boys of raannt just wanted to send a special thanks out to our dear friend, mentor and big brother, the Douche Slayer. Tonight, we chatted it up with the Slayer himself and he gave us lots of great suggestions for turning our blog into a more formidable forum of delight. “Up the Venom. Be more caustic”. And one piece of final advice, “Don’t worry about covering your ass?” Interesting advice from the man in charge. Word is that he is improving his site and the newer, more improved site will be up soon!

Speaking of which, the boys of raannt were so inspired by our little talk that we decided that maybe he’s right. Maybe we’ve been playing it way too safe and that we need to go back to our roots a little bit. So grab your ankles folks, it’s a new day!!!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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