Boots and Boys…Ke$ha…The Release of a NEW Pop Diva???

Who the hell is she??? We don’t really care, but as her Album “Animal” debuts tomorrow, the boys of raannt find ourselves dancing around the house to “Boots and Boys”, already knowing the lyrics to several of her songs, even though the CD isn’t even released yet. Maybe she’s no Pop Icon, such as Lady GaGa or Britney Spears, YET, but we believe, give her time and she will earn respect with her careless lyrics pumping through the sound systems of cars all over the roads. We got your back girl! We know you’ll be the next Pop Diva that no one really wants to admit to loving, yet secretly knows all of the words to all of your songs…so, here’s to a long, long career!!!

By the way, Wikipedia(right, we know), gives an interesting glimpse into her early career, explaining that she grew up to a single, songwriting mama…but who cares, right…that’s really not what we care about…but how bout them glam, gold kicks!!! Hahahaha…

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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