the boys of raannt…unveiled!

It’s been a crazy year. We’ve stayed in business and met tons of amazing people! We’ve won several awards, been listed on National websites, entertained celebrities, written for three other major websites, been on the radio, hosted a weekly gay night called FLESH, thrown two fashion shows and a charity event and we continue to try and raise our own bar to do more and more, bettering ourselves and the environment around us, especially the social environment.

It is officially raannt’s one year anniversary and we wanted to do something special this week to make it even more special! Recently, we were contacted by West A. Ferguson on Twitter, who told us he was a fan of raannt. He also told us he thought we had a pretty huge gay following, especially younger gays. We asked him who he would like to see us interview next and he replied, “Hmmmm…the boys of raannt”. And so we told him if he sent us 20 questions, we would write up an interview and let everyone see what’s behind all the hype! And so it goes…

1. What are three interestingly random things we would want to know about you guys.
Alex: I’m bilingual, I’m in a hip hop dance team here in Indy, and I was born in Venezuela and moved here when I was 12.
Peter: I’m been clean and sober for over 15 years. I’m an only child. I’m obsessed with Willie Nelson.

2. Is your current job, you dream job?
Alex: Its not, I love the job that I have right now and I’m learning a lot… But the more and more I move forward with raannt the more I would love to work in PR or in the social event department of a magazine.
Peter: My dream job constantly changes. Currently I’m a psychotherapist in private practice. (Read my work related blog at Thoughts From the Couch!) Honestly, my dream job would be to write novels and drink coffee daily.

3. If you’re not working where you want to, then what is your dream job.
Alex: Public Relations would be great!! Or working for a Magazine
Peter: Like I said, writing full time and having my work published. I’m currently shopping literary agents and publishers.

4. Just for kicks: Team Jennifer Aniston? or Team Angelina? We’re all ears with this ongoing celebrity feud.
Alex: I personally love Jennifer Aniston! She’s sssooo pretty and She looks like a mean girl but isn’t, but we don’t really know if she really isn’t, which is what I like about her!
Peter: Team Angelina. I’ve never understood the Jennifer Aniston obsession. I love everything about Angelina Jolie; especially her mystery.

5. What are three “nevers” of your life. for example: I will never wear hot pink. Lol
Alex: I never say “I never” because I just never know!
Peter: I will never jump from a plane unless it is my only way out and I will never swim with sharks unless I’m swimming for my life.

6. Some young gay/lesbian actors have this belief that coming out might slow down or put an end to their careers. Do you believe Rupert Everett was right in saying: “It’s not that advisable to be honest. It’s not very easy. And, honestly, I would not advise any actor necessarily, if he was really thinking of his career, to come out…”.
Alex: I think it’s really up to them, being gay/lesbian shouldn’t defined their work and professional life, its personal and should stay that way.
Peter: I don’t think we’re in a position to put our careers first, especially when our coming out might be a positive example for others, especially younger gay people. When I was younger I felt all alone because there really weren’t any gay role models. I guess I’ve never thought of myself in the closet, and I don’t really care. If someone else can’t accept me…it’s not my problem. It’s just not about me. But I don’t think I have to flaunt it in someone’s face either.

7. How do you feel about society’s reaction to those actors that choose to come out?
Alex: I think they’re interesting, you can totally tell where these reactions are coming from; for example in major cities they report it and move one, but in the Midwest they linger with the idea or thought of someone they liked as being gay/lesbian… To each its own I guess.
Peter: I think society, and we’re part of that, will criticize or over-analyze whatever celebrities do. I can’t understand what it’s like living their life, so I try not to judge. I do think that many actors have been embraced by society because it’s just not that big of a deal anymore to be gay.

8. On the subject of gay youth, can we please discuss Glee? haha Do you feel that the subject of disappointment and misunderstanding between Kurt and his father represents a theme that is mis/over-used within gay culture? Are there not good relationships between gay sons and their fathers?
Alex: I personally don’t watch Glee; I feel like it’s the nerdy brother of Gossip Girl and 90210. All of these shows are filled with the same idea of young pretty sex and steam fun drama that we like to watch… But!!! I will say that in all 3 shows they have introduced gay issues and their stereotypes.
Peter: I don’t watch Glee either, although I’m planning on buying the seasons and catching up because the show is just getting way too much hype for me to not witness. My father and I have a great relationship and honestly, my being gay has never been an issue. He is a surgeon, and as a man of science, he believes my being gay is genetic makeup.

9. While growing up and coming of age, can you guys remember if it was hard to respect or believe in a religion? If your memory goes back that far 😉
Alex: Umm!! Yes my memory goes back that far!! And actually it was a little difficult for me to respect it and this is probably why I choose to not have any religious believes.
Peter: I do not consider myself a religious person. I consider myself a spiritual person. And honestly, my issues with religion have less to do with being gay and more to do with my addiction and recovery. Honestly, I’ve never found anything in a church that is for me, but I do have a great respect for people that find that kind of faith. I think religion or spirituality is personal and should be left that way. It’s a personal relationship. I don’t think most people would understand my spiritual beliefs, based on love and learning, and quite frankly, it’s none of their business.

10. With your views on religion, do you believe that marriage is for everyone? ( I only ask because I would not want to assume that all the gay community feels the same way)
Alex: I personally think that marriage shouldn’t be a religious benefit or right or anything, I actually think it shouldn’t be tied down to religion because its about loving the person you’re marring, not the religious you share or believe in.
Peter: I do not believe marriage is for everyone, whether gay or straight. I do struggle with couples who engage in committed relationships but have an open relationship, but then again, I guess that’s none of my business either if it works for them.

11. Okay, I’m going to give into a stereotype and comment on your amazing skin Raannt boys! You guys must have pretty interesting skin regimes, considering you both have amazingly beautiful complexions. So how do you guys do it…you know should know that this information will help the skin condition of all your fans! 🙂
Alex: Wow thanks!!! I actually had horrible skin when I was in High School and hated my face!! But I grew out of it, I do still get break outs here and there and still hate them, but its part of me and all I have to do is make fun of them and move on.
Peter: Honestly, my friends from high school would laugh at this question because when I was a teenager, I never had any acne and they were jealous. I think mostly it’s genes, but my mother always taught me to wash my face with bar soap, which is typically not what is recommended, but it has always worked for me. Also, I drink tons of water.

12. Speaking stereotypes: {because I totally brought up these topics so that they wouldn’t correlate *sarcasm*} Do you think there are definite roles for each person within a gay/lesbian relationship? Like bride and groom/man or woman?
Alex: I personally think that if I’m with a man it should be a man, just like me. I like guys who are guys and If I wanted a girly guy I might as well be with a girl.
Peter: I’m with men because I am attracted to masculinity. That being said, what works for me, isn’t for everyone. In our relationship, we have no set roles, entirely.

13. @CortneyStiggers wants to know: What do you like about one another?
Alex: I love how silly Peter is, he pretends our dogs have voices and are actual people and plays and talks to them… Silly but it makes me smile.
Peter: I love Alex’s confidence. Also, he is not only my fiance, but my best friend. He is willing to tell me when I am wrong about something and to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. He challenges me to be a better person.

14. Another fan (@starsintheskies) asks: Individually, which do you prefer: words of affirmation, quality time together, physical touch, receiving gifts, or acts of service?
Alex: I like a bit of them all… I’m personally not a romantic person so all the mushy mushy stuff isn’t for me but I try my hardest to do it for Peter.
Peter: All of them, but romance and passion are really important for me. I think validation in a relationship is important and I definitely think quality time, no matter how it is spent, is vital. Although I love gifts, they don’t say much in a relationship. Physical touch…a must!

15. Which emotion is stronger: Anger or Love?
Alex: I think they’re both pretty strong and there wouldn’t be one with out the other.
Peter: Anger is a secondary emotion which we give power. Love can overcome anything.

16. Looking back in the past: What will you always remember about your childhood? Is there anything that you will always remember.
Alex: I think I will always remember the big family gatherings and trips to the beach. Venezuela is where I grew up and we got to do a lot of fun stuff while I was there!
Peter: What…I’m not still a child? Hmmm..I’ll always remember my teacher reading, “Help I’m a Prisoner in the Library” during a blizzard in 4th grade. I’ll always remember my mom and I dancing in the rain, and eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on snow days. And sailing on Lake Michigan with my dad.

17. What family traditions have you brought into your own life?
Alex: I don’t think I have any… well that I can think of.
Peter: Interesting that he says that because I’ve learned a lot about Venezuelan Christmas traditions. It’s really important for me that we don’t go to bed angry and that we kiss each other good night.

18. With the anniversary of your blog, what impact do you hope to leave with your readers?
Alex: I want them to keep wanting more! I feel like they more they want the more drive we will have to be able to give them that, and by doing so growing as a page and place for people to go to and have fun reads!
Peter: At Pride Day this weekend we had a transsexual woman come up to us and thank us for our blog, saying we had given a voice to gay and trans people. Other people thanked us for giving gay people a mainstream voice. I guess I didn’t realize we were doing that, but it’s important that now that we have a voice, we use it correctly. I hope to leave readers knowing that we’re just two guys, accomplishing our dreams and trying to make the world a better place. Laugh a little bit and find love in the glitter…life just isn’t that serious. It’s over all too quick!
19. What are three platforms do each of you support?
Alex: Eating Disorders in Youth, Aids Foundation, and anything that will keep kids dancing!
Peter: Animal rights, especially for elderly dogs. Teen addiction and recovery. National equal rights to marriage.

20. Describe your life in a six word sentence. Mine (for example): Young sexy love never dies ugly 😉
Alex: Loyal Loving Crazy Sassy Sexy Dance
Peter: Life is short. Live it up!.

21. Taken from the raannt box o’ interview questions: on each other…boxers, briefs, jockstraps,…or nothing at all 😉 {your readers are dying to know}
Alex: I love sleeping in my boxers! And to go out cute sexy briefs!!
Peter: I love old school boxers, especially with buttons but typically nothing at all…And Alex looks great in a jockstrap!

So there it is…we hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks to West Ferguson for the interview…and to all our sexies…

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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