Cassandra Cass…Princess of Trantasia and Wild Things!!!

Part angel, part bad-ass biker girl…lots of trouble mixed in with a heart of gold…how could you not love the amazingly beautiful Cassandra Cass. She was first highlighted in the documentary Trantasia and will be starring in the upcoming reality television show, Wild Things! It would seem as if this were only the beginning for this rising starlet!

1. How do you define yourself in society?
Hmmm…that’s a hard one. I really just look at myself as a person chasing her dreams. I really don’t like labels, they can be sooo confining…

2. How do you define your career?
I really look at myself as an entertainer. There are many forms, such as acting, modeling, designing and I really enjoy creating and being artistic.

3. How did you come up with your name?
My mothers name was SANDRA and my given name was CASEY. I’ve always loved Greek mythology and it just fit..My drag mother, when I was up and coming, was DENA CASS so CASSANDRA CASS just fit so well..

4. On Trantasia you seem to have a realism and a sense of humor that keeps you grounded. How important is having a sense of humor in the entertainment business?
OMG if couldn’t laugh at myself I would have given up a long time ago..There are so many ups and downs and sometimes you’re like “”WHY am I DOING THIS” but then when you see the finished product you’re like WOW I can’t believe I was a part of that!! What a dream come true..

5. What was the greatest experience you had while shooting Trantasia and at the pageant?
TRULY the sisterhood. Overall everyone was really great to each other. We knew we were part of something bigger than US and there really was a POSITIVE ENERGY…

6. What was the most humorous or most embarrassing thing that happened?
SWIMSUIT COMPETITION…The shoes I was wearing had laces that twisted all the way up to the knee and my DRESSER was more concerned about her hair than properly tying them. When I was walked on the stage they came undone and twisted around my ankle’s, tripping me. I actually fell off the side of the stage. That certainly didn’t help my chances to get into the top ten!!!….

7. Do you think transgendered people were well represented by Trantasia?
Overall yes. We wear seen as SHOWGIRLS who where in charge and and chasing their dreams.. most of the time we are seen as hookers doped up and HOPELESS, which really pisses me off. It’s time the media gave us more POSITIVE REPRESENTATION!!….

8. What can we look forward to in the new television show “Wild Things”?

“WILD THINGS” is by the same people who made TRANTASIA. It follows ME, MARIA ROMAN and TIARA RUSSELL on a road trip and a mission.. Maria’s brother was very ill at the time so we traveled around to very small towns and worked WILD and CRAZY jobs to raise money for his medical care..OMG we worked as BULL RIDER’s, sold HOT DOGS to CLUELESS construction workers, partied in biker bars. We even trained to be boxers. It’s very The Simple Life but with BIGGER BOOBS, HAIR and BOOTY!!!!..and yes we had some BIG ASS FIGHTS…THE show is TRULY AMAZING..I can’t wait for everyone to see it here in the stats!! Ohhhh did I mention, we traveled around in a broke-down Winnebago! …TRULY funny stuff!!!..

9. What are three movies that have greatly impacted you either personally or the image you create?
Pretty Woman, Barbwire and Grease….Yes I’m kinda a BAD GIRL…with a heart of GOLD!!!…

10. How will you know when you have “made it”?
STILL waiting ..not quite sure yet..ask me when the show comes out..

11. Do you get recognized and what is the overall response?
YES, really great, since TRANTASIA was SHOT I feel my look has improved so it’s kinda like looking at your high school pictures. But people are so great..I love it when people say You should’ve won!!..I’m like honey, it was not my time but I’m ready now for a REMATCH..

12. Who are three people in your field who you aspire to be more like and why?
HONESTLY I just wanna be the best me. That’s really what I aspire to..

13. Who are three mainstream celebrities you would like to have as best friends?
Madonna, Lady Gaga and Will Smith. They ROCK!!!

14. If you could have a 2 hour dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
My momma. I REALLY miss her…R.I.P

15. What is your ultimate career goal?
Just to keep on working and to been seen as the person I am, not just some “”TRANNY””. There’s talent here, I just wanna show it!!.

16. What are some misconceptions about transgendered people or drag queens?
Goodness, there’s a lot of them. I really don’t feed into that. I just hope people take it person by person and stop stereotyping!!

17. What do you think the biggest political or social issue facing transgendered people is today?
WE truly are faceless. Most transgenders don’t want people to know and I get that. There’s a lot of crap that comes with people knowing, but people need to have respect for others. It’s not ok to be mean and there is a lot of abuse that goes on and some people think its ok…I’ve always said if I meet Maury or Jerry Springer I would kick them in their balls..I feel their shows have REALLY set us back!!!

18. What is your relationship like with your family and do they accept your goals in life?
Not very good but I wish them well..

19. What is something we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
That I’m a great cook. It really relaxes me..just love it.

20. Who are your three favorite musicians of all time?
Madonna, Michael Jackson and BARNEY!!!

21. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?
NOTHING at all..I’ve worked too hard to get this body!!! Why would I cover it up?..

Thanks Sexy! We can’t wait to see the show!
Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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*Pictures printed with permission of Cassandra Cass.

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