Smiley Drags Up Money For The Arts…

Tonight, Talbott Street hosted “Drag Race”, a competition of drag acts to raise money for Theatre on the Square. Not only did some local “ladies” perform, but Dave Smiley and his crew from The Smiley Morning Show were there, in mixed drag. This was our second time meeting up with Dave and once again, he was as genuine and hilarious as before, as were the rest of his gang! They all seemed to be having so much fun, even though they would be walking into work in only a few hours, with probably traces of foundation and eye shadow on their faces. We hope you guys had as much fun as everyone else did! Thanks for coming out and raising your skirts for money!
Yesterday, we had a chance to speak for a few minutes with our friend Vivian Farris, managing partner at Talbott Street, who was gracious enough to call us back on her birthday and fill us in on the purpose of the event and how Talbott Street strives, as a vibrant, social entity both in the gay and straight communities, to consistently support local charities and fundraisers, as was evidenced by tonight’s event as well as advertisements in Talbott for their raising money for AIDS awareness. We would especially like to thank Miss Vivian on filling us in and always being so wonderful! Happy Birthday Libra! Hope it was amazing!
All in all the night was a great success! We were unable to stay for the entire event, but our friend, local DJ Jared Curry, texted us the totals for the evening; including $620 in tips and $1,800 from the door. Not too shabby!!! Thanks everyone involved for continuing to support the arts and we’ll continue to update and inform you of other upcoming charity fundraisers…and as always…

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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