NEW! Jake Miller’s Official Collide Video…EDM Meets Pop? Rap?

jake miller collide sexy official video_raannt

It’s not that we don’t like Jake Miller…we do! He’s sexy as hell and his music is catchy, we just don’t know how to classify him.  He’s not necessarily pop, but let’s be honest, he’s not really a rapper either, no matter how much he likes to claim rapper status.  Now with the release of his newest video for his hit single Collide, we’re even more confused.  The song, although spotlighting his rapping talents, pays homage to pseudo-EDM(electronic dance music), even giving the feel of a music festival in the video, but let’s be honest, it’s definitely pop.  Period.  Nonetheless, it’s a cute song and like we said, we could just watch him in videos all day long.

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