Jackie Collins Loves a Great Mascara and Other Confessions of a Wild Child! An Interview

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Several years ago, we interviewed Jackie Collins, one of all-time favorite authors, about her book Goddess of Vengeance.  As lifelong fans of Jackie’s novels, being able to interview her was an absolute dream come true.  Not only were we interviewing Jackie, the queen of Kicking Ass with Style, but we were interviewing the mother of Lucky Santangelo; the hottest character to have ever been written into imagination.  Imagine our excitement to hear that Jackie had written a prequel to her Lucky novels called Confessions of a Wild Child, and that this newest book was being produced into a movie! Ahhh…sweet joy! We reached out to Jackie again and were overjoyed to be able to interview her, again, about this newest project…the birth of the teenage Lucky Santangelo!  Check out what she had to tell us and make sure to rush out to get your book or audio copy today of Confessions of a Wild Child!

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1.  You’ve said Confessions of a Wild Child was initially intended to be a young adult book.  What will feel different about this than other Lucky novels since that was the targeted audience?

I wrote CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD in the first person from Lucky’s teenage point of view.  It’s not quite as graphic as my other novels, but it’s a lot of fun as Lucky discovers—boys, sex and rock’n’roll.

2. Can you tell us one secret we’ll learn about Lucky that we don’t already know?

That she’s an old soul, and very street smart for someone so young.

3. Will we learn anything more about Lucky’s gay brother Dario?

Yes.  I especially loved writing about Lucky and Dario’s relationship.  He confides in her about being gay, and she handles the information in true Lucky fashion.

 4. What do you think makes Lucky so sexy that characters continue to be captivated with her throughout the years?

Confidence is sexy, and Lucky has it it abundance.  She’s also very smart, compassionate and wildly beautiful.  And she gets along with both men and women.

 5. In our previous interview, you stated that you love to put together music tracks.  If Confessions of a Wild Child had a soundtrack, what songs would definitely be on the soundtrack?

Well, certainly plenty of rock’n’roll, classic soul, and sexy beach tracks.  When you read CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD I want you to drift back to your teenage years and your first kiss and broken heart.  Music can evoke many good memories.  Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” is probably Lucky’s theme song.

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6. What is your creative process when you are writing a novel?

Write!  Write!  Write!  I write in longhand and it’s a lot of work, but I  have a total passion for what I do.

7. Is there a possibility you’ll go back with some of your other novels and do prequels?

I love the idea of doing that!  Readers suggestions please!

8. What’s next on your list of projects?

THE LUCKY SANTANGELO COOKBOOK comes out in April, and I am currently writing THE

SANTANGELOS—a saga full of epic happenings to the entire Santangelo family.

9. Any chance Peter and Alex of raannt could ever get a guest appearance in a Jackie

Collins novel?

Hmmm . . . . you never know!!

10. What are your three simple luxuries?

MUSIC.  BOOKS.  And a great mascara!

Thanks again Jackie!

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