‘It’s The Ship’ Phase 1 line-up With Headliners Yellow Claw & Krewella.

With support from Peking Duk Tigerlily, Brennan Heart, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers and Joji! If you’re one of the lucky first 350 ‘It’s The Ship” ticket holders, along side your ticket you’ll receive an exclusive party bag (not a baggie, a swag bag!).
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Don’t know about ‘It’s The Ship’? Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 edition:
Ragers will sail out from Singapore to Phuket on November 17, and will be treated to the hottest beat makers across the dance and hip-hop spectrum.
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Yellow Claw
Peking Duk
Cirque Le Soir
Higher Brothers
Keith Ape
Lucille Croft
Courtney Mills
Kate Foxx
Brennan Heart
Third Party
Gianni Marino
M.A.X. & Crown
One More Time – A Tribute to Daft Punk
 Rave Republic
Joe Flizzow
Oliver Osborn
And Many more to be announced!!
Head to www.galactix.asia/itstheship-2017 for cabin purchase!
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More Music Festival News HERE!

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