Harry Louis…Sexiest Man of the Day!

harry louis 6_raannt

If he was good enough for Marc Jacobs he’s good enough for us too! All joking aside, super gay porn star Harry Louis, may be one of the sexiest men on the planet.  Although maybe not widely recognized for it, he knocked down quite a few proverbial walls when he was partnered up to Marc Jacobs, therefore legitimizing the porn industry, to some degree, for the rest of the world.  We’ve followed him for a long time, even before the days of his past relationship, and we’ve always been stunned by this Brazilian beauty.  His Instagram account is filled with pictures showing him as an all around charismatic guy so we thought he’d make the perfect choice for Sexiest Man of the Day! Check out some of our favorite pictures from his Instagram below!

harry louis 1_raannt

harry louis 2_raannt

harry louis 3_raannt

harry louis 4_raannt

harry louis 5_raannt

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