Fiki Storaro…Sexiest Man of the Day!

Fiki-Storaro 1_raannt

Fiki Storaro.  We don’t really know anything about this guy.  We saw a picture of him on Tumblr and tracked down his Instagram.  After that, we looked at his Facebook fan page and found out that he was a singer from Bulgaria.  While his music isn’t necessarily typically what we listen to, his music video did leave us…intrigued, to say the least.  (That being said, he has almost 300,000 views after just a few days, so obviously he has a huge following already!) Mysterious and somewhat alluring, we’re not truly sure what to think, except that he’s pretty damn sexy.  Check out his newest video below!

Fiki-Storaro 2_raannt

fiki-storaro 3_raannt

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Jonathan Groff…Sexiest Man of the Day! Turn Ons and Sexy Pics!

jonathan groff sexy_raannt

Of course super sexy boy next door Jonathan Groff had to end up on our Sexiest Men list eventually! We loved him in Glee and we love watching him now in HBO’s Looking.  What’s not to love.  And if you didn’t catch his Turn Ons and Turns Offs on his recent visit to Andy Cohen, check it out below!

And if you’d like to see a little bit MORE of Jonathan, check out some NSFW pictures HERE!

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Harry Louis…Sexiest Man of the Day!

harry louis 6_raannt

If he was good enough for Marc Jacobs he’s good enough for us too! All joking aside, super gay porn star Harry Louis, may be one of the sexiest men on the planet.  Although maybe not widely recognized for it, he knocked down quite a few proverbial walls when he was partnered up to Marc Jacobs, therefore legitimizing the porn industry, to some degree, for the rest of the world.  We’ve followed him for a long time, even before the days of his past relationship, and we’ve always been stunned by this Brazilian beauty.  His Instagram account is filled with pictures showing him as an all around charismatic guy so we thought he’d make the perfect choice for Sexiest Man of the Day! Check out some of our favorite pictures from his Instagram below!

harry louis 1_raannt

harry louis 2_raannt

harry louis 3_raannt

harry louis 4_raannt

harry louis 5_raannt

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Josh Hutcherson…Sexiest Man of the Day…And Possibly Gay?

josh hutcherson sexy 2_raannt

Well let’s be honest…he’s super cute.  Maybe sexy is strong word to use for Josh Hutcherson, especially since he’s supposed to be the cute one and Liam Hemsworth is supposed to be the sexy one, but after his interview and spread in OUT magazine, we’re starting to think that Josh is the sexy one! The interview is so juicy that Josh says he doesn’t rule out a gay relationship and thinks a threesome would make a perfect ending for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. The fact that he is an advocate for gay rights is sexiest enough for us!  Read the interview and see what else he has to say!

josh hutcherson sexy 1_raannt

josh hutcherson sexy 3_raannt

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Dave Annable…Sexiest Man of the Day!

dave annable red band society sexy 1_raannt

We’re absolutely obsessed with the new teen, hmmm, family?, well…drama.  No that’s not quite right.  Let’s try that again.  We’re absolutely obsessed with the new FOX “life show” Red Band Society.  If you haven’t heard of it, you must be living under a rock.  At first, we thought this might just be some sapped up television show riding on the heels of the success of The Fault in Our Stars, but it is so much more.  We instantly fell in love and found ourselves bawling the first episode.  Is this a review of Red Band Society? No, this is to honor it’s main star, Dave Annable, who plays the always sexy and kind Dr. Adam McAndrew.  Do you remember Dave from Brothers & Sisters? He’s so much hotter now and so much better in Red Band Society.

Make sure to check it out on FOX Wednesdays 9/8c!

dave annable red band society sexy_raannt

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Jenna Jameson’s Boyfriend John Wood…Sexiest Man of the Day!

john wood 5_raannt

Have you been watching the newest season of Couples Therapy? If you haven’t you need to get on it as it’s probably one of the best seasons ever! We have to admit, we’ve always been Jenna Jameson fans.  We know she gets a bad rap and we don’t care.  We’ll stand behind our girl down any tough road.  Now she’s dating MMA coach John Wood.  Honestly, we had never heard of this guy before seeing him on the show but we were completely awestruck! The man is absolutely gorgeous and seems genuinely sweet as well.  We did a little bit of digging and found out that he gets kind of a bad rap too, but we don’t care.  We like the two of them together and hope they make it! Good luck you two!

jenna jameson boyfriend john wood_raannt

john wood 3_raannt

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Joaquin Phoenix…Sexiest Man of the Day!

joaquin phoenix sexy_raannt

Joaquin Phoenix can’t really do anything wrong in our eyes.  And oh…those deep, dark eyes! On top of being an amazing actor, he comes from this incredibly intriguing family and has enough mystery and intrigue himself to still make us wonder, just a little bit, about who he is and that to us is what we love about certain celebrities.  And Joaquin Phoenix is definitely one of those celebrities we love, which is why he is the perfect pick for our Sexiest Man of the Day!

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Kit Harrington…Sexiest Man of the Day!

kit harrington sexy 1_raannt

We’ve been staying in and catching up on a lot of movies lately and last night we watched Pompeii.  The film has received such poor ratings that we thought we would hate it but it turned out to be pretty good! Most importantly, Kit Harrington, Jon Snow of Game of Thrones fame, played the lead character.  He showed he is versatile and still sexy as hell, even covered in blood and ash, making him the perfect choice for our Sexiest Man of the Day!

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