Channing Tatum…Sexiest Man of the Day! REAL Stripping Almost Nude Picture!

channing tatum

Come on! Did you really think we were going to start posting a Sexiest Man of the Day and not include Channing Tatum??? If you’re a huge fan of the megastar today, then you know that he has a secret, or not so secret past of being a stripper in his younger days in Tampa Florida.  The actor has admitted to these younger stripping days and that he is not ashamed.  We’re just hoping someone finds a video of a lap dance…that would make for viral video sensation!

channing tatum1

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Colton Haynes…Sexiest Man of the Day! Coming of Age Interview!

colton haynes

We are huge Colton Haynes fans! It has absolutely nothing to do with his gorgeous eyes or full lips…naw, we could care less about all of that.  We’re just fans of his acting skills.  Yeah, right.  Don’t get us wrong, we’ve loved this 25 year old former Abercrombie and Fitch model turned Arrow and Teen Wolf star for a long time, and not just because he’s so incredibly good looking.  There’s just something about this guy that’s so smooth, like old school rat pack charm.


If you haven’t seen his Coming of Age interview for Sugarscape check it out below!

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Daniel Craig…Sexiest Man of the Day!

daniel craig

Picking the day’s sexiest man is such a chore! That being so, we had no trouble narrowing it down to Daniel Craig as one of our crush du jour! Not only is he, in our humble opinion, the sexiest Bond to ever grace the screen, his work in his other films has made us fall in love with his masculine moodiness and utterly subtle charm! He is a man above men!

daniel craig 2

(On a small…well, not really, side note, if you haven’t seen his nude captured shots from some of his films, check them out HERE at one of our favorite blogs…OMG Blog!)

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The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman…Sexiest Man of the Day!

joel kinnaman 2

We decided to start posting our picks for Sexiest Man and Sexiest Woman of the day…and actor Joel Kinnaman was an easy pick for our first post! The Killing star, who plays a rugged, recovering drug addict detective is easily one of the most masculine and sexiest men on the planet at the moment.  Now that we’re knee deep into Season 3 of The Killing, he’s starting to feel like a close friend…which could be a problem!

Not only is Kinnaman a force to beckoned on television, but he was also named the new face of H&M‘s 2012 menswear campaign! Pretty stylish fellow…and sexy too!

joel kinnaman

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