Greg Cerrone “Rise Together feat. Koko LaRoo” Out Now on Ultra Music

greg cerrone rise together koko-laroo_raannt


Dance music is a way of life; a religion. However, very few can actually say they were born into the scene. Greg Cerrone is dance music royalty. Being the son of legendary disco producer/live drummer Marc Cerrone, Greg has travelled the world and been a part of dance music’s most jaw dropping moments…but more about that soon.

With his new Ultra Music single “Rise Together featuring Koko LaRoo.” Greg proves that top-notch song writing runs deep in the Cerrone family with a slice of pop for the dance floor. As the title implies, “Rise Together” is highly uplifting – the perfect soundtrack for moments such as conquering the Rocky steps in Philly, driving a monster truck over crushed cars or a Man vs. Food challenge.


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