GloZell…All Hail the NEW QUEEN of Comedy!

We found her totally by accident. A friend had posted her infamous translation of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video from YouTube on his Facebook page, like many others, and a star was born. It didn’t hurt that Perez Hilton found her as well, fell in love with her and thus the rest was history. For the last two months, we’ve pulled out our phones constantly to show our friends her videos on YouTube. We knew instantly, with her clicking tongue and her reference to Alcoholics Anonymous as “Triple A Meetings”, she was a comedic sight to be reckoned and revered, knowing no boundaries as she creates absolutely hilarious characters and undercuts celebrities so right on that you know she’s in trouble if she meets the likes of Rhianna, Ke$ha or Sandra Bullock. Or maybe they are the ones in trouble…she seems to be able to hold her own.

But what we love about her most, is that she isn’t just someone we want to watch videos of on YouTube…we want to call her up at 5 on a Saturday and say, “Hey Girl, what time we picking you up and which wig are you wearing. New hair Mama?” She’s the friend you want next to you to make your day go faster. We can easily imagine our weekends filled with car loads of laughter…(This is an invite Glozella Baby!)

Whatever her future holds(probably quite a bit since some of her videos have garnished over 4 Million views!!!)we wanted to find out more about her ride to fame so far…and what exactly, is hidden underneath all of those amazing wigs!!! But before we find out…enjoy one of her most hilarious videos and see all of her videos on YouTube at GloZell’s Reality Show Life!


1. You have been termed the “Queen of YouTube” with over 600 videos. How did you get started on YouTube?
I have 853 Videos honey. I was uploading my videos through Goggle and it was so slow on my computer so I started up loading on You Tube in order to post on my blog ( and one day. I noticed that I had comments on You Tube. And it kept growing and growing. My blog was named after Jay Leno because I was attending the Tonight Show with Jay Leno everyday. I did that for a little over 2 years oh that’s where you got the 600 from. I went to over 600 live freezing taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

2. You identify yourself as a stand-up comedienne? Who are three of your role models in the field of comedy?
I do.. well I pretend to be an Stand-up. I tell stories of what really happened to me and people crack up. I don’t feel like I tell jokes. I loVe Carol Burnett, Phyllis Diller, Betty White (wait I better mention some black people)Whoopi, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, (okay I’m going back) Robin Williams, Lucille Ball, Tom Conway, Jay Leno, Dave Chapplle, EDDIE MURPHY, The Wayans from In Living Color, Saturday Night Live Cast…. the list goes on and on.

3. We think your funniest video is the Rhianna “Rude Boy” video. Where do you get your inspiration for your videos?
I have a friend (Leslie) who analyzes everything. And she was talking about THE THONG SONG and how passionate the singer was about thongs. Inside I was cracking up. 10 plus years later. I hear these Songs…by Ke$ha then Rude Boy after we know Rhianna was with a Chris Brown. The Rudest boy she ever had. ( As far as we know)

4. Recently, Perez Hilton posted you on his website. What did it feel like to be validated by the consummate social reviewer Perez?
AMAZING… like being told you are going to LIVE!!!! He justified my talent to the world. I have millions of hits because of him.

5. What is too funny to laugh about?

6. Has your humor ever gotten you through difficult situations in your life? How would you recommend to others to utilize their humor in their own lives?
OH YES… anything that has passion behind it… someone that you cant stand, that horrible job/boss, family, relationships, any difficult situation can be made funny because its so real and believable. Anything you have gone though someone else has also.

7. When will YOU know you’ve made it?
When I’m on T.V. I loVe that ole’ box.

8. What are the three funniest movies of all time?
I always wanted to do a remake of Richard Pryor’s movie THE TOY. Friday, Borat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Neapolitan Dynamite, Boomerang, Waiting for Guffman, Ace Ventura Pet Detective…the list goes on. (Sorry you said three)

9. Who are three celebrities you haven’t met but would love to meet?
(I met Michael Jackson that would be my first 10 slots) (I will be meeting Perez Hilton tomorrow) Hmmmm Oprah, Howard Stern, Carrol Burnett ( Some list huh? LOL)

10. What three celebrities are almost too easy to make fun of?
The young starlets… they are very creative in getting attention. So it’s endless commentary. Ha ha ha.

11. Have you ever received hate mail regarding your videos?
WHAT? YES… my character Kelonda not you Momma… death threats.

12. We are sure someday you will have your own television show. If you did what would you call it?
Thank you very much. “The GloZell Show”

13. We love that in your videos there is always a wig in the background. How many wigs do you own and which is your favorite? Do your wigs give you different personality traits when you where them?
Ha ha ha … you really do watch my videos. I have about 20 wigs. The most famous the Tracy Kool-aide hair wig. That’s from the over 4 Million hit video “My Push up bra will help me get my man back” Yes they all have a different personality and names.

14. If you weren’t in the arts industry, what would you be doing?
Crying in a corner somewhere! I would be a Music Teacher. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Florida. (excuse me, it’s a must) GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. GloZell for President in 2012…What are the three platforms you support?
Freedom of speech, Freedom of Love whom ever you want, Freedom of we can agree to disagree and one more. All you can eat Buffets everywhere.

16. You say on your videos, “I don’t judge it”. What is one thing you do judge?
People who want to hate and be mean just for the sake of being mean and nasty. I don’t mind anyone having a different opinion. Plus people hate the opinion of a made up character? I’m like hey… it’s listed under COMEDY.

17. Our dream would be to have a GloZell video about the boys of raannt. If you were to do one about us, what would you talk about?
I would talk about how hot you are, and I’m sure you will give me some hints as to what you want covered…LoL.

18. Have you met Kesha and if not, what would you say to her if you did?
You know… I KNOW that day is coming… I just feel it. I would say… girl you know your lyrics is Jacked up… and she will say no Jack Daniels ha ha ha.

19. What about Rhianna?
She would probably take me down before I could say anything. They all know I’m right though!

20. What are your three personal favorite videos you have done?
Ke$ha Tik Tok Lyric Translation, Rhianna Rude Boy Lyric Translation, My Push up Bra will help me get my man back.

21. On men…boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

OK GloZell…We’re waiting for OUR SEXY Video…haha!!!…Love ya Gal!, Peace and Blessings…Peace and Blessings!!!

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Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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