DJ Yves Larock Has a Busy Schedule of Eating, Sleeping and Sex…on Repeat! An Interview

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The minds of EDM producers are really incredible.  The concepts of finding something inspirational in our day-to-day realm and turning it into a beat that can transport anyone into a space of dance and joy is truly an art!  DJ and music producer Yves Larock has created a successful career out of this and has mastered the art of creating music while evolving the trends of our generation.  With a busy schedule of producing and touring, Larock takes time to chat with us about what he likes and what we should expect from him this year.

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1. Introduce yourself in one sentence – who is Yves Larock?

I’m 36 and come from switzerland and my job is to make music and to try to make people dance

2. Tell us about this new track, The House, what inspired it? 

I really want to produce a track based on a groovy bass line, the sound of the moment is based on rave synth and a hardstyle kick without bass line, I like this style of production  but I wanted to produce something different, more funky

3. Walk us through your creative process, what are some of your rituals when you’re making new music? 

I always start with the rhythm, and after I find chords or bass line, but what is cool with music is that most of the time I start with an idea and ended up with a completely different song

4. What’s your favorite thing about the new music you’re producing?

It’s to always find new idea and create something fresh, we do our best, but you never know if it will work or not at the end

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5. If you had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why?

When I started to produce music that was hip hop, and I still occasionally produce hip hop, but this days I am more attracted to produce music with real instruments, less electronics, such as rock&roll or soul

6. How do you define sexy?

It is the art of pleasing without being vulgar 

7. What is the sexiest city? Hotel? Club? Song? Current track?

New York, Volcano Santorin , Ushuaia, Let the music play Barry White, The House

8. What is something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you? 

I’m a fan of political debate.

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9. What’s next for Yves Larock?

Working on a lot of new tracks for 2K14

10. What are your three simple luxuries?

Eat, sleep, sex.  Repeat!

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