Henrix vs. Digital Lab – Drop Low (Played By Kaskade At EDC Las Vegas 2015)

Digital Lab Vs Henrix - Drop Low
Digital Lab Vs Henrix – Drop Low

A little over 2 months ago we raved about Miami based DJ & producer Herinx. Now, after being picked up by one of our all time favorite musical mastermind, Kaskade… we re-rave about the awesomeness that are his beats! The track has been drop here and there at big time festivals like Ultra and Holy Ship… But the track took over the masses of Coachella when Kaskade played the song in its entirety! THAT’S A BIG DEAL!! It’s a HUGE!! DEAL!!

Digital Lab Vs Henrix - Drop Low out now on Arkade Kaskade Record Lable-1_raannt

The energy of the track is high and big room. It combines deep bass house with some fresh and unique hip-hop undertones that innovates the track. Check it below and let us know what you think!!!! We can officially say that not only are we obsessed with whatever Henrix puts out, we’re pretty hooked on Drop Low!

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