Costello Tagliapietra…The Bears of the Fashion Jungle!

Holy Fuck this is awesome! For a while now we’ve been obsessed with Costello Tagliapietra, but it wasn’t until New York Fashion Week that we got a glimpse of the men behind the incredibly feminine fashions behind the partnered team! Being that we love diversity on any level, we instantly fell in love with this rugged, bear couple who prove that fashion does not discriminate! Meet Costello Tagliapietra.

Over the last few years the designers have been putting out  incredible lines that make every women feel delicate, beautiful, elegant, and above it all expensively fashionable!  Editors love to showcase their stuff, major retailers love to carry their lines and we love it ALL!

For the most recent New York Fashion Week they sent down the runway a spring line that is soft, delicate, flirty and incredibly beautiful… perfect for spring!  These bears might just be the king of the fashion jungle!

We couldn’t pick a favorite so here’s their ready to wear Spring Summer 2013 collection:


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