Obsessed with Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter Ready to Wear…London Fashion Week!

burberry prorsum 1_raannt

We are absolutely obsessed with the 2014 Fall/Winter Burberry Prorsum line which just showed at London Fashion Week.  The prints, the bags, the mix of tribal prints and colors with the classics of Burberry woven together, as a whole, made the line feel refreshingly fresh! The line showcased five men’s looks that really makes us wish, not only for this winter to be over, but also for two of each pieces!  We totally love them and really can’t wait to have them hanging in our closets! Check out the images from the show as well as the video below.


burberry prorsum 2_raanntburberry prorsum 3_raanntburberry prorsum 4_raanntburberry prorsum 5_raanntburberry prorsum 6_raannt


Let’s not forget about the killer live band during the show… Burberry not only showcases killer fashion but really puts the SHOW in fashion shows… Love them!

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Paul Smith London Fashion Week F/W 2014

paul smith london fashion week 2014_raannt

A) We usually don’t post much about women’s wear on raannt, not because we don’t love it but because we love it so much that it would just be too much… and B) we love Paul Smith, the man and the designer– everything this brand puts out, we instantly are obsessed with it.  So, we had to write something up on their London Fashion Week F/W 2014 show.  The masculinity of each piece is incredible and ironically softer than seasons before.  The prints, colors, fabrics, and entire Fall Winter collection proves, once again, why we love Paul Smith so much. Check out the official Paul Smith Women’s Fall/Winter 2014 Show:


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Loving the J. Crew Fall-Winter 2014 Line

j crew 2014 1_raannt

The J. Crew Fall-Winter 2014 Line. Man how we love this line… really, like we can’t wait for it to come out already!! Over the years, J. Crew has always been a classic, young professional, almost hipster but not as daring, yet still trendy enough to keep generations coming for more.  The Fall-Winter 2014 ready to wear line meets the high J. Crew standards and we, honestly, want ever piece! Check out our top favorite looks:

j crew 2014 2_raannt

j crew 2014 3_raannt

j crew 2014 4_raannt

j crew 2014 5_raannt

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Mark McNairy Mixes Prep with Classic Hip-Hop

mark mcnairy fashion show 1_raannt

New York Fashion Week is known for incredible fashion and style, celebrity spotting, envelope pushing trends, and introduction to brands that many didn’t know about.  While Mark McNairy has been around for awhile, this year was definitely his year to shine!  For the Mack McNairy Fall-Winter 2014 ready to wear line, the designer mixes classic hip-hop styles with a new street-wear/bohemian vibe, preppy color schemes and classic styling, and design.  The line is incredible and we can’t wait to keep learning and seeing more about Mark McNairy.

mark mcnairy fashion show 2_raannt

mark mcnairy fashion show 3_raannt

mark mcnairy fashion show 4_raannt

mark mcnairy fashion show 5_raannt

mark mcnairy fashion show 6_raannt

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Kendall Jenner Wears Marc Jacobs Well…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

kendall jenner topless marc jacobs 1_raannt

The E! Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty, Kendall Jenner, has recently made a killing and a name for herself as a high-end mode, and as New York Fashion Week came to a close, the model has made a new name for her self!  No longer will we remember Kendall Jenner as the cute teen from E! but now we will remember her for the versatile model she has become.  Great job and for the record… you wear Marc Jacobs really well!

kendall jenner topless marc jacobs 2_raannt

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“Best New Summer Book of 2014! Perfect on the beach or beside the pool!”

the before now and after then official cover_peter monn


NYFW Celebrity to Watch: Colton Haynes

colton haynes new 2014 5_raannt

Spotted: Arrow young stud Colton Haynes sitting in multiple NYFW, New York Fashion Week, shows sporting his killer style.  The young television star has become a fashion icon for guys, perfect muse for designers, and dream-boyfriend for girls across the world.  Not being new to the fashion world, Colton knows exactly what to wear and who to Instagram pix with.  Check out his recent instagram #NYFW pix:

colton haynes new 2014 2_raannt

colton haynes new 2014 3_raannt

colton haynes new 2014 4_raannt

colton haynes new 2014 6_raannt

colton haynes new 2014 7_raannt

colton haynes new 2014 8_raannt

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Black Sail Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014 by Nautica…Active and Functional Style

nautica fall winter 2014 6_raannt

The Nautica #blacksailfw14 show was killer… and not just because it’s during New York Fashion Week, but because every piece that walked down the run-way (or lack there off) was truly something we want to wear!  From the hats and sunglass to the over-sized sweaters and vests, the entire Fall/Winter 14 line is what a well-dressed/groomed guy own.  Thanks to the power of social media we’ve been able to compile our favorite action shots and looks!

nautica fall winter 2014 2_raannt

nautica fall winter 2014 3_raannt

nautica fall winter 2014 4_raannt

nautica fall winter 2014 5_raannt

nautica fall winter 2014 6_raannt nautica fall winter 2014 7_raannt

nautica fall winter 2014 8_raannt

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Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent Weaves 80’s Grunge with New Millenium Punk!

ysl 1

Over the weekend all of our social media feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – were filled with, primarily, two things: The snow falling in Paris and the overwhelming reception of the the Saint Laurent men’s F/W13 collection.

At first, we were a bit surprised with the punk rock/grunge look of the line but the closer we looked, we found specific pieces we loved, making the collection all the more beautiful.  The combination of ripped leather skinny pants and jeans with over sized sweaters really made the whole line feel eclectically cohesive.  At times we felt that Ok so this is what Edward Sissorhands would look like if he finally got his hands and then at times we just wanted to wear everything the model was wearing.  An overall young 90s punk rock grunge super star walked down that runway and WE wanted to rock n’ roll with him. Although the show has received some painful criticism for casting especially gaunt, “manorexic” models, we felt they fit perfectly with what designer Hedi Slimane had imagined.  The beautiful darkness of our hidden secrets.  Look closely…because these clothes are our future.

ysl 2ysl 3ysl 4ysl 5ysl 6ysl 7


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