The WORST of Indy 2011!

The end of the world is coming in 2012…but for many of us, the end of the world came this year to Indy as we put together our WORST of Indy List! You didn’t actually believe we were so cruel we would list people on our list did you? Well…maybe a few, but even those few have allowed themselves into the spotlight for a moment, hopefully brief, of Kato Kaelin fame. So…here it is. Our picks for the Worst of Indy. While we’re sure many will get upset and angry, we know most will snicker to yourselves in the absolute truth within this list! Til next year…

10. Hamilton County’s Obsession with Roundabouts.
They won’t stop building them and no one knows how to drive on them. This isn’t Great Britain.

9. Downtown Safety at Bar Closing.
If you’ve been barricaded on South Meridian at 3:15 on a Saturday night…you know what we mean.

8. Parking Meters.
Do YOU understand the new meters? How much do we pay the surliest meter maids in the country?

7. Segregation of the Gay Community.
How can we expect people to vote in our favor when the gay community can’t even get along. Boo you whore. This isn’t high

6. Poor Attempt at a Unified Fashion Industry.Is this Paris is Burning revisited, a student show or a one-man operation? We liked some attempt to make Indianapolis a fashion haven but now it’s a complete mess with models and stylists galore. Honey…not everyone will actually be Rachel Zoe or Kate Moss.

5. Bike Lanes and Lane Changes on 62nd Street Driving into Broad Ripple.
Recipe for disaster. What idiot thought this accident waiting to happen endeavor?

4. Colts Players Annual Earnings compared to a White Castle Employee for a Losing Business.
If you came through White Castle and got chicken rings instead of cheeseburgers three times in a row you’d expect
someone to lose their job. HELLO!!!!

3. Republican Representative Phil Hinkle’s “Craig List” Suga Daddy Hook Up at The J.W. Marriott.
This was maybe our only attempt for Indiana to end up on Chelsea Lately. We’d like to thank the Craig’s List boy!

2. Passing of HJR-6 in 2011 Against Gay Marriage.
Shame on you.

1. Porn star Bree Olsen of Charlie Sheen fame gets attention as “Indiana Celebrity of the Year”.
How ridiculous that Erica Stikeleather and Brittany Mason have left Indiana and actually had major accomplishments in
the entertainment industry while porn “star” Bree Olsen from northern Indiana secures major fame for fucking Charlie
Sheen. What…a disgrace.

Be Unafraid. Be Fearless. Be Yourself. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Playboy Golf Scramble Indianapolis Searches for Next Playboy Golf Girl

If you didn’t already know, Indianapolis has become quite the hub for Playboy enthusiasts and Playboy models. This weekend we will embark with the Playboy Golf Scramble Indianapolis, revamped for Indianapolis by Tawny and Jason Jenkins and Melissa and Jason Barth, who have done an amazing job organizing an outrageous event!

Thursday night from 8-10pm, Subterra will host the official Playboy Golf VIP party, a private party for sponsors and players of the 2011 Playboy Golf Scramble. We will be there, of course, interviewing two very special guests of this year’s scramble, Playboy Playmate May 2009 Crystal McCahill and Playboy Playmate January 2010 Jamie Edmonson. The official Playboy “hottest” photographer, Mandykae Blair will also be present photographing the event. If you’re still interested in registering a team contact Tawny Jenkins at 317-345-0415.

On Friday, August 19th, the Playboy Scramble Indianapolis will tee off at the Southern Dunes Golf Course on the Southside. Registration begins at 9:30am and a shotgun start will kick off the scramble at 11am. Foursomes are $1400 and individuals are $350. Winners will get to go to the Playboy Mansion in California!

And this…is where it gets interesting! Every hole has a different sponsor. Belvedere, Grand Marnier, Miller Light, Boomerang Bay, Jagermeister, Tom Wood Jaguar…and many more sponsors are representing at most holes with cocktails as well as numerous DJ’s, prizes and of course the Playboy Golf girls who will all be competing for a chance to go to the Playboy Mansion as well!

Each golfer will be given a gift bag worth approximately $250 including a jacket, shirt, hat, golf balls, towel, lunch and the awards ceremony immediately following. Tom Wood will be giving away a Jaguar. Indy’s top 5 DJ’s, DJ Gabby Love, Slater Hogan, Orion, Indiana Jones and Stewbot, will be playing throughout the event. The golfers will be voting on who will win as the Indianapolis Playboy Golf Girl and there will be a chance to meet and get autographs with the Playmates. Immediately after the scramble an awards dinner will be held at 8pm at Southern Dunes with an after-party at Tiki Bob’s on Meridian!

And here’s how the awards will be given at the ceremony:

*Out of 40 Playboy Golf contestants, the top 4 girls get invited to come out to the Playboy Mansion and compete for the Playboy Golf Girl of the Year as well as help conduct the Playboy Golf Finals in Southern California.

*The top 3 Golf Teams in the GROSS division will get an invitation to come out to LA and compete in the Playboy Golf Finals and attend the parties. They don’t get a paid trip but they get to be officially invited.

*The top 3 Golf Teams in the NET division will get an invitation to come out to LA and compete in the Playboy Golf finals and attend the parties as well. They don’t get a paid trip but they get officially invited.

And if you’re golfers…we hope you know the difference between NET and GROSS because we don’t. We like cash!

It’s not too late! Register now and be part of this amazing event, not to mention all of the prizes, free giveaways, liquor, sponsors and a chance to go to the mansion! And to the winner…Tell Hef we said hey buddy!

For more information, please contact Tawny Jenkins at 317-345-0415 or email her at (By the way, this is the same Tawny that helped plan our bachelor party which was hands down one of the best parties we have EVER attended! Seriously.) And for all of you guys that keep asking us how we know so many amazingly, gorgeous gals…well we attend events like these!

And make sure to stay tuned to raannt for our celebrity interviews. Coming up next: Josh Strickland of Holly Madison’s reality show Holly’s World!

And get your reading glasses on as the boys of raannt enter the world of literature by interviewing International Bestselling authors Jackie Collins, Ellen Hopkins and Charlaine Harris(whose books inspired Trueblood!).


Eyes open, we’re watching!

Indy’s Odd Couple…Part Deux! Katelin Reeves and Molly Brickel Dominate the Downtown Club Scene!

Several weeks ago, we wrote about the dazzling duo literally dominating the downtown club scene in Indy’s Odd Couple! Katelin Reeves, general manager of Blu and Hyde, and Molly Brickel, general manager of Sensu. In Part one of our interview, Katelin Reeves shared her special secret to running one of the most successful clubs in Indianapolis as well as shared the details of her close friendship with Molly and their attempt to unify their efforts to make Indianapolis a greater city. This week, we’ve turned the tables and Molly is under the spotlight sharing her feelings on these same issues. So enjoy as hear the final part on the two women who are literally controlling the nightlife hype of downtown Indianapolis!

1. How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Oh yikes..way to age me. About 5 years now. WE met at Blu lounge. She was a bartender and I was a server..We really hit it off on Halloween when costume buying for the Under the Sea theme came into play. K ended up being Shakira the Mermaid…priceless.

2. Do you have nicknames for each other?
She’s my KK! That’s her normal in public name. K-Flannel is her Jersey Shore name. (KK has a creepy love for flannel PJ pants)

3. What is one (safe)secret you know about the other person?
Hahaha there’s so many..I gotta go with the family favorite. Mrs. Reeves has a third nipple! Not like full size creepy, but its there I’ve seen it.

4. What is one trait that made them a horrible roommate but makes them an amazing bar manager? And vice versa?

KK’s wit is wasted on the Blue Crew! At home it would thrive!
To be honest, I don’t have any. She was never a horrible roommate…awww.

5. Five words that would describe the other person.

Loyal, Intelligent, Witty (“But I’m Fuuunnnyyy”), Creative, Rumplemintz.

6. What is your favorite moment you spent with the other person?

I can’t pick out one moment…My favorite thing to do with KK and Carol is we cook! We grill, we bake, we cook. It’s not like we just throw together a meal. Its a trip to the farmers market, to Goose the Market and home to our backyard oasis. Its a full blown 4-5 course meal..Of course drinking bottles of wine and taking multiple smoke breaks while we do it.

7. How does it work to your advantage to be friends with each other and have bars directly across from each other?
We give each other pointers all the time. If she is having issues with the way something is done I offer my opinion on how I do it, and vise versa. We also are able to feed of the downtown trends together. We are of course in somewhat of competition with one another, but our big picture is to make downtown a what it should be. Its exciting to see new bars/restaurants coming in! It expands the diversity of downtown and give everyone more options.

I will say KK has taught me what it means to be a fair and just manager. She taught me the ropes long before I knew i even needed them. It was always an inspiration to see a female climb the ladder of success the way she has!

8. Do your husbands/boyfriends get along?

They love each other very much! The first question from Bobobo to me always is “hey wheres J at?”. Its like play dates for the boys.

9. In Indianapolis…What is the sexiest Bar? Hotel? Place to Kiss? Restaurant? Person? Couple?

Bar-I still have a love for the good ole’ Nicky Blaines..dark, cozy, and a little raunchy
Hotel-Omni-Carries some lovely Wedding memories.
Place to Kiss-Sidewalks see a lot of my kissing action
Restaurant-Duh! Sensu. I am not just saying that. Exudes sexiness!
Person- Justin Ernst-If I didn’t think he was the sexiest I’d have to keep looking.
Couple-Matt and KK- I don’t know if sexy is the right word, but God are they a great time!!!

10. Your mantra to running a successful bar?
Fairness and Consistency!

11. Give us three insider secrets?

We wear leggings day and night…go to wardrobe option as a bar manager. I keep a pair in the office just in case
We change shoes 3 times a night to remain fancy…no one will see us in flats dammit!!
KK punches like a girl

12. Where will the other person be in their career in five years?

Hopefully we will be partners on our own adventure. I think we have a few ideas that just have to come out to play.

13. What is the other person’s drink of choice?
Captain and coke if she is sitting at a bar hanging out. A beer if she is pretending to drink. Wine while cooking. Patron/Rumple while partying.

14. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all? (Answer what you think the other person would say and why?)
Briefs…..cuz boxers and jockstraps are just weird…and nothing is totally my answer!

So there you have it Indy! Watch out…these girls, umm, women…are taking over!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

*Photographs courtesy of Katelin Reeves and Molly Brickel.

Indy’s Odd Couple…Katelin Reeves and Molly Brickel Dominate the Downtown Club Scene!

In our attempt to focus on the truly positive assets Indianapolis has as a thriving, social metropolis, we are often intrigued by the way the bigger city living of Indy mixes so appropriately with a small town colloquial charm. No better example of this is the friendly interactions between the employees of the bars and clubs lining the southern end of Meridian. For the first time in many years, those bars and clubs are all working together, realizing their strengths while trying to enable each others’ success not impede on their strengths and challenge one another. (Well…maybe one or two bars are standing in their way, let’s be honest here.) And at the core of this success are the servers, doormen, security, bartenders and managers that are running these establishments. Most of them have known each other for quite some time; grown up together in this club arena. And they are friends. Most nights when we are out, we’ll see Dustin Worrell walk across from Blu to SENSU just to visit and say hi. Brandon Slate, the manager of Bartini’s and Cadillac Ranch can often be found walking down to Blu or SENSU to check in on his friends. But who’s respnsible for this pivotal turning of events where all of these bars are helping each other instead of challenging each other? Who is so wise and deliciously smart that they realize the power in appreciating differences and getting along as a business endeavor to further their own success. Who? A very, unlikely “Odd Couple” so to speak…Katelin Reeves, general manager of Blu and Hyde, and Molly Brickel, general manager of SENSU. Not only are these two, strong women literally running the downtown club scene only steps across Meridian from one another, but they are also old roommates…and most importantly, dear friends. So, we thought it would be interesting to interview the Dynamic Duo, but have them answer the questions for their counterpart. The first part of our interview will be Katelin answering for Molly. Damn girls…ain’t it great to share an empire!! We love these young women and admire their strength, their wisdom and their take no shit attitude…They’re good…and they know they’re good. They own it with humility and sexiness…and for that they deserve to be standing at the top! Together!

1. How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
We met a little after Blu opened in 2006. I was a bartender, she was a server…it was love!

2. Do you have nicknames for each other?
Molly has lots of nicknames, Mo, Mimi…but she’s always Molls to me.

3. What is one (safe)secret you know about the other person?
Haha. I already know which one she’ll spill of mine. Molly is a creepy dog person, with clothes, full conversations (where she does both her and their voice), and the like, but I’m equally creepy with my cat, so I find it acceptable. We are also both secret nerds for sure.

4. What is one trait that made them a horrible roommate but makes them an amazing bar manager? And vice versa?
Molly gets an idea in her head, and makes it happen. I’d want to go out; she’d be reorganizing her craft collection. I’d want to sleep; she’d be on a cleaning spree. But that focus is needed in positions like ours- the day gets away from you so quickly without focus. I’d say for both of us the vice versa is our dedication. We would do anything for anyone, and sometimes you get taken advantage of as a result. But as a roommate, it’s a great quality.

5. Five words that would describe the other person.
Fun, spontaneous, sexy, eclectic, loyal

6. What is your favorite moment you spent with the other person?

How do I choose? I love holidays with Molly. She’s from a huge family, and I was an only child, so it’s fun to share our different traditions. We had a blast decorating our Christmas tree last year when we got home from a night out at 2am.

7. How does it work to your advantage to be friends with each other and have bars directly across from each other?
Our clubs are very different, but really, at the core, every bar is the same. Just knowing you have support from the other, that they literally are across the street, is a great thing. We have bitch sessions that keep us healthy. We have great nights and bad nights. But we do experience very similar things day-to-day.

8. Do your husbands/boyfriends get along?
Yes. They love each other even though they are almost polar opposites. We are all family.

9. What is the next event you are promoting at your club?

Why, “A Night Fit for a Queen” with RadioNOW and the boys of Raannt, of course! The after party to Pride Day on June 11th with tons of giveaways each equaling $250 and special guest appearances!

10. In Indianapolis…What is the sexiest Bar? Hotel? Place to Kiss? Restaurant? Person? Couple?
Bar: I know I should say mine, but it’s way too much like being at home for me, though it is a sexy spot 🙂 I’d have to say Nicky Blaine’s…my husband, Matt, and I have had a lot of really amazing talks down there.

Hotel: I still haven’t been to the JW, but have heard great things. That aside, I love the Omni. It’s got Olives, one of my favorite spots in the city for a drink, and we had our honeymoon suite there. The view was incredible, and we really got taken care of.

Place to Kiss: Monument Circle. You’re in the very middle of the city!

Restaurant: Mo’s. It’s elegant and the food is fantastic. My husband and I had our post-wedding meal there, so I’m definitely partial. The chef did a special 4-course meal for the two of us, Jeremiah and Lisa made sure our names were printed on the menu, and we had the best seat in the house. Very sexy.

Person: My dude Matt Bourbeau! Any man that will put up with me is beyond sexy, and he’s been doing it for years.

Couple: Peyton and Ashley Manning. I’ve been their private bartender for a while, and they are so down-to-earth, so involved with charities, and so selfless with their time, it’s unbelievable. I was so happy to learn about their new additions; they’ll be amazing parents. Plus, she is absolutely GORGEOUS!

11. Your mantra to running a successful bar?
Don’t get caught up in the nightclub craziness. It can be very competitive, with long hours, and take over your life if you let it. Be yourself, be honest, treat people well, and take time off.

12. Give us three insider secrets?

You don’t really have to spend a lot of money to get the VIP treatment in most clubs. All you need to do is be nice, patient, frequent the bar, learn the who’s who of the staff, and tip well.

Don’t be intimidated by anyone who works at the bar. Everyone has their persona that they put on when they come to work, but most of us are very real people that are very different outside of our jobs.

Ladies, if you have a cute group of girls and you don’t want to pay cover, just call in advance. If it’s not super busy, you’ve probably got the in. Sorry guys!

13. Where will the other person be in their career in five years?

Molly will either be a mom or running a nightclub in Vegas. And I know that she’ll not only love, but be great at, either one.

14. What is the other person’s drink of choice?

Dirty Belvedere martini on the rocks, in a pint glass.

15. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all? (Answer what you think the other person would say and why?)
Molly and I are both boxer-brief kind of girls, and that’s what I’m going with! Love you Molls!

Stay tuned for Molly’s responses about Katelin! Til then…

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

ALERT!!!! Help Find Lauren Spierer!!!

We are attempting to just do our part. Lauren Spierer is a missing Indiana University student who has been missing since June 3rd.

We’re going to post the same information that was listed HERE on the Help Find Lauren Spierer Facebook Page! Please, do the same! We beg you…Tweet it! Share it on Facebook! Blog about it! Utilize your knowledge and your free minutes of social networking in a positive way or none of the rest of it is worth it! Twitter has been used to help find people during natural disasters and helped land a plane in Haiti. Facebook and Blogging have started revolutions and built fame and fortune. For once, let’s use it in a truly positive way. Let’s help find Lauren Spierer!

The information from the Facebook Page:
Lauren Spierer is 4 feet, 11 inches tall with blond hair and blue eyes. She was last wearing a white tank top with a light-colored shirt over it and black pants.
Indiana Police Search for Missing College Student Lauren Spierer
Published June 06, 2011

Authorities in Indiana are searching for a missing college student who disappeared early Friday after a night out with friends.

Police say 20-year-old Lauren Spierer, a student at Indiana University, was last seen about three blocks from her apartment in Bloomington at around 4:15 a.m. Friday, June 3, 2011.

Witnesses reportedly told investigators that the young woman was walking barefoot to her apartment. Video footage does not show her entering the apartment, according to the Indiana Daily Student.

Spierer, a 2009 graduate of Edgemont High School in Scarsdale, N.Y., had just completed her sophomore year at Indiana University. She is reportedly studying fashion merchandising and is a University Division scholar.

Spierer’s parents flew from their home in Westchester County, N.Y., to Bloomington on Saturday to assist in the search for their daughter.
“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” her father, Robbie Spierer, told the Journal News. “And it’s worse than what you can imagine.”

Spierer is 4 feet, 11 inches tall with blond hair and blue eyes. She was last wearing a white tank top with a light-colored shirt over it and black pants.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts it being urged to call the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477.

Read more:

Eyes Open..We’re Watching!

Brittany Mason…Will You Marry Me????

It’s OFFICIAL!!!! Our wedding plans are booked and at 6:30pm August 25th…our dear friend Brittany Mason, supermodel and former Miss Indiana USA 2008, will be marrying us at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas!!

The rest of the details…including the honeymoon…are secret…shhhhhh! So we can’t tell!

But….Brittany will be in town for 500 Weekend and we’ll be escorting her to The FANtasy 500 Race Party at The Columbia Club!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!!!

Kimono A Go-Go…Asian Inspired Fashion Show at SENSU!

Tonight at SENSU…225 South Meridian…Maggie Connor of The Haute Hoosier and Lindsey Menner will be hosting an Asian Inspired Fashion Show starting at 9pm. The event is $5 or free with your SIN card! So we thought we’d give you a little preview from last year’s Fashion Week in China…

And if you didn’t already know, Indiana’s very own supermodel Brittany Mason was there for the entire season and walked in several of the shows…did you see her???

After the fashion show, world renown DJ Fashen will be spinning for SENSU’s regular Tuesday night S.I.N.(SENSU INDUSTRY NIGHT) Party!!!

Mystery…Five Clubs…One Night…Boom!

Tonight…the boys of raannt will be headed out on a little “club crawl” to review what we believe are the best five places to go on a Friday night! Tomorrow we’ll be giving you the answers but in the meantime we thought it might be fun to play a little game. Based on the picture above and the four pictures below, can you accurately name the five clubs we’ll be going to…in the correct order that we’ll be going there? If you can, email us at and leave us your answer and some love and the first correct answer we receive will win a rather…sexy surprise! All answers must be in by 1am tonight!

And if you see us out, introduce yourself to us and have your picture taken with us! If you tag us on Facebook in your pictures taken…you might win a little surprise as well! And we’ll be with camera as well so if we ask you for your picture that must mean something…

Can’t wait to see you all out…good luck!

Hmmmm…wonder where we’ll be…

Eyes Open, We’re Watching

There Is NO Fashion In Indianapolis!!!

…at least that’s what we were told last weekend by someone who had once held a vested interest in the fashion community in Indianapolis. And maybe we shouldn’t take cultural critiques from an experience we had while standing in a bar at 2am on a Saturday night, but it posed an interesting question. Is there any fashion in Indianapolis?

It has been almost 2 months since we posted our article Indianapolis “Press” Week…A Review of Midwest Fashion Week’s Last Night , sadly one of our most viewed post since our website started, even topping interviews with international superstar MYA, fashion editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and CEO of PR firm Peoples Revolution and star of MTV’s The Hills, The City and Kell on Earth Kelly Cutrone; all three fashion and style icons of their own worth.

So, let’s dissect this a little bit, shall we. How does one define whether or not a city “has fashion”? Since the internet is where we go today for ALL of our educational needs, let’s borrow the definition of fashion by Wikipedia. Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Therefore, that would imply that for Indianapolis to “have fashion”, it would need to have it’s own popular style or trend which would be identifiable to Indianapolis. But we think that’s a bit too broad. We believe we’re really talking about Indianapolis being fashionable, aware of style and attempting to move forward in regards to these issues.

Photo courtesy of Erin Finn

Twenty years ago the fashion industry in Indianapolis was known for really only two names; Bill Blass and Alpha Blackburn. Helen Wells was still the talent agency of choice but there were many of agencies as well. There was still a bevy of local models with only a few getting most of the work, such as Erin Finn. But, there was also an undercurrent of local fashions shows by designers and artists such as Stephen Garstang, who produced shows at The Patio and the likes, utilizing music and style to enable a subculture of hopeful artists who all dreamed they would one day make it big. Sound a little bit like Indianapolis today?

Yes and No. Today, we still have Helen Wells, Bill Blass and Alpha Blackburn, but we also have so much more. We have incredible new designers, photographers, stylists, models and producers all hoping to either make it big or at least live their passion. We were criticized horribly for our interpretation of Midwest Fashion Week. Well get over it! We were treated rudely as were many of our friends in the fashion community. And like it or not, we are a substantial part of the fashion community here in Indianapolis. Not only are we attempting to attend and support every fashion show or production, made difficult by the vast amount of fashion shows as of late, but we are also bringing international interviews of fashion icons to our city as well as being invited to fashion and style events all over the country. And we don’t mean this in any way arrogantly. We are simply stating this so that everyone will understand that when we critique something in Indianapolis it is because we only hope to raise the bar and make it as great as possible; something everyone else here is apparently afraid to do…except for us.

In speaking to Althea Harper, finalist for Project Runway, as well as the host of the Midwest Fashion Week After Party, we asked her if she felt Indianapolis designers should be held at any less of a standard because they aren’t showing in New York, Paris or other cities and she stated that she believed they should be held to the same standards if they ever wanted to be taken seriously, explaining that she didn’t believe it was any easier for her to put together a well designed show just because she was living in New York City. Some local designers are showing in other cities such as Arlinda Norris, head designer of powerhouse design firm R.LYNDA, who showed recently at Atlanta Fashion Week. Nikki Blaine recently had her work in swag bags at The Academy Awards and Bloomington streetwear prince Dope Couture is literally changing the face of national streetwear, even having his designs worn by hip hop and rap stars.

And that’s just the beginning. Just over a year ago, we saw the origin of The Indianapolis Fashion Collective who states their mission is “to Empower, Unite, Showcase and Grow the best of Central Indiana’s Fashion Industry talent.”
In the same year, Christy Pastore started her international online fashion magazine Fashion Wrap Up to unbelievable number of worldwide fans. Indiana’s very own Brittany Mason walked in six shows at New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and has done international campaigns all over the world. We have several local style blogs such as Haute in the Heartland and The Adventures of Lesalina, not to mention several other blogs and online fashion magazines getting their early start. M Renee Al-Eryani, owner and creator of Curat Handcrafted Soaps is beginning to be noticed on a national level. Truen Jaimes, creative director of House of 5th, is taking his brand and distributing internationally. Other models in Indianapolis have gone on to greater fame and are leaving every day. We have more stylists in Indianapolis now than ever before, led by Nikki Sutton, Zoe Renee Huse and our recent favorite pick DaNisha Greene who literally stole the show at the Roc Da Mic event created by showmaster producer Carolos Kirk. Other Streetwear designers and companies, such as Kaitlin Elyse of T.Party Clothing and the brand new BB40, are bringing a new culture of fashion to Indianapolis that most are taking for granted. And we have educational outlets and internships such as The Art Institute of Indianapolis and Harrison College, something Indiana didn’t have 10 years ago.

Magazine Cover/Photo Courtesy of Fashion Wrap Up

And the list goes on and on and on. The fashion industry in Indianapolis has grown so much in the last few years we can’t even list everyone who belongs on this list. Of course, we have some other favorites, such as photographer Polina Oscherov and brother and sister style team Ian and Erika Stikeleather who in 10 years may be running the fashion industry of Indianapolis. Models Shaunna-Marie Hill, Emily Nyberg, Steve Sebree, Taylor Holden and Alexis Farley. And who will be next? Well, hopefully all of the above as we’re huge fans…but what about photographer Robin Marchant from Ball State who has played such a sublime role in Indianapolis’ Fashion Scene? Could she be the next huge thing out of Indiana? We think so. Emily Nyberg and Alexis Farley will most definitely be names to remember. And remember DaNisha Greene…we’re putting our money on her. Not to mention some of the students we saw at The Midwest Fashion Week Student Show which absolutely blew us away!

So yes…Indianapolis does have fashion. Tons of it! The reality is that the person who told us that had absolutely NO idea what they were talking about, which is why we wished them good luck on their new endeavor and went on our way. We believe in the fashion industry in Indianapolis, but we don’t believe in how it’s run. Some of the mainstays who want to dictate how things should be run need to move out of the way or become more supportive to ALL of the fashion in Indianapolis. And you know who you are. We aren’t talking about the Helen Wells’ or the Alpha Blackburns who have continue year after year to endorse this community. We’re talking about the ones who want it their way or no way. Well…as good ole Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a-changin! There is so much fashion in Indianapolis right now we can’t even keep track of it! And this chaos that has begun will one day settle down, weed itself out and we will emerge as a town to be reckoned with seriously.

Photo Courtesy of Shaunna-Marie Hill

Our style is individualized as well. Our closet could literally be split down the middle, one half dedicated to Diesel and Joe’s Jeans while the other side is filled to the brim with Broadripple Vintage and Rag-a-Rama. Our house is littered with every style magazine from Vogue to Elle to GQ, Details and Arena. We interview people who know iconic style such as Nina Garcia and we adore models who have individual style, such as Velvet D’Amour and Dita Von Teese! We know fashion. We know style. We have our own, even if it’s off the rack or hidden in the backpack of a cowboy. Everyone has their own style. And that’s what makes it fun. Fashion is supposed to be seriously fun! Do what you want. Buy what you want. Make what you want. As RuPaul says, “We’re born naked and all the rest is drag!” The only thing Indianapolis doesn’t have, like us, is the ability to support one another in their differences and come together to make everyone’s dreams come true.

Isn’t there enough room in Indianapolis for every designer, photographer, blogger, stylist, columnist, hairstylist and model to be fulfilled? We think so…and we’re not going anywhere soon! So watch out! Because next time we might not be so nice and we might just have to call out a few fools!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

Indy’s SEXIEST Power Couples…

Photo Credit: Claire Buffie

For our first post on our new blog we wanted to go back to our roots…our SEXY lists! And as we sat around brainstorming different ideas we discussed how in the last two years we had been witness to the marriage between the social, professional, political and familial relationships weaving between Indianapolis’ many different backdrops. For that reason, we thought it would be interesting to list the six couples in the Indianapolis area who WE believed were the SEXIEST Power Couples. We started with approximately 20 couples and narrowed them down based on their diversity and currently being at the top of their game We had discussed having creative photographs taken of each couple, focusing on what we believed made them sexy or powerful, but instead, thought it would be more interesting to have them submit photographs which were their favorites. All of the couples we chose are down to Earth, productive, approachable, endearing, inspiring and yes…sexy. Couples, when together ignite passion and seem unstoppable, and as individuals, interesting and intricate. Most were surprised they were picked and told us they didn’t feel they were “power couples”, but in five to ten years, these will definitely be the couples leading our city and showing that above all else…love does prevail!

Brian and Katie Stam Irk

1. What are your names. What are your job titles or define your jobs.
Brian and Katie (Stam) Irk. Brian is a personal trainer. Katie is a public speaker and Vice President of Brand Awareness at Australian Gold. (Katie is also Miss America 2009)
2. How long have you been together?
5 & 1/2 years
3. How did you meet?
In college at University of Indianapolis in the Communication Department. We were both studying television broadcasting.
4. What did you do on your first date?
Brian’s apartment. He cooked an italian dinner.
5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
Super chic dinner at 45 Degrees on Mass Ave. Romantic stroll downtown on the canal. Dessert and movie back at home.
6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
Bill and Hillary Clinton. We both have established careers, have great connections throughout our respective industries and both have a strong foundation on public service and leadership.
7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
Free time. As newlyweds we are still working on time management and we have found the best way to resolve that issue is 1. Be completely honest with each other when you need more free time or need more of the other person. And 2. Always be considerate of each others needs.
8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
Faith. Love. Understanding.
9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
a. Hands down…our 11 day honeymoon to St Martin in the Caribbean. We had the most gorgeous 9 bedroom villa on a private beach all to ourselves.
b. Sunday’s usually are our only day off so you can typically find us home enjoying each other’s company.
c. Saturday nights we spend with friends if we are at home and not working. Couples game night has become a tradition.
d. “The Luckiest” the song I sang to Brian during our first dance or “Unforgettable” the theme of our lives together.

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
Bobby and Sarah Cooper. Bobby owns a salon in Broad Ripple. They have two gorgeous daughters and know everything sexy about Indy!

Pat and Elizabeth Lechleiter Kelly

1. What are your names? What are your job titles or define your jobs.
Patrick Kelly: Student at IU School of Dentistry
Elizabeth Kelly: Department Manager: Men’s Sportswear/The Rail (Nordstrom @ The Fashion Mall)
(*Just a sidenote. Possibly they were “Born This Way”. Pat’s parents, Tim and Becky, are the magical, medical duo who have led people into recovery at Fairbanks Treatment Center for years. His father Tim is the Medial Director and one of the leading Addictionologists in the country. Elizabeth’s father, John Lechleiter, is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Eli Lilly.)

2. How long have you been together?
We met our freshman year at Brebeuf, 98-99′. We started dating at the end of that year = 13 yrs!
3. How did you meet?
Elizabeth asked me to dance at freshman orientation but I said no b/c I had a girlfriend from junior high. We then had several classes throughout the year and finally got together at the end of the year party at a friends house (specifically behind the pool house (air high five)). *Pat would like us to clarify that this was no more than a goodnight kiss…in all honesty!
4. What did you do on your first date?
Since she was 14 and I was 15 her dad dropped her off at my house with a friend and we watched a movie. My dad drove them home. Probably not a 10.0 on the sexy scale.
5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
We live in Broadripple so we like to walk into the village when the weather is good, find a place to eat (preferably outside or with open windows), grab a bite and a drink, maybe meet some friends/family for a drink, and then walk home along the canal. We also have day dates that usually involve physical activity like biking down the tow path/green way to down town or running around the canal/monon in B.Rip.
6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
I’d like to think we are like Charlie and Harriette from “So I Married An Axe Murderer”, in the sense that we can have a good time joking and flirting while managing our daily lives (reference montage in butcher shop to the tune of “rush” by Big Audio Dynamite II).
7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
We have similar tastes in a lot of things so most of our arguments are luckily small; usually just the little decisions like what to eat and were to go. I get after Elizabeth about being on time b/c she takes her sweet time getting ready for any occasion, but it’s always worth it!
8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
Friendship: we do things not just as a couple but as friends.
Space: we let each other run our own show and encourage interests that aren’t necessarily our own.
Trust: kind of goes with the first two but when you can dissolve that insecurity that goes along with most relationships and know that you have a support that will never go away, you can really concentrate on each other and ensure that everyone is happy.

9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
Sexiest Vacation? Honeymoon: Paris, Geneva, Chamonix, Cote de Azur, Hilton Head: it never ended (thx parents!)
Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Go to church, Take Willis (our Boston Terrier) for a run on the canal, and end it all with a drink, and something from the grill in a set of chairs outside in our back yard, Willis in lap.
Sexiest Saturday night? reference sexiest date, question 5, We also like to entertain at our Bripple Bungalow with friends and family!
Sexiest song? We like to listen to “The Equalizer” off of the album So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys while we are getting ready to go out and get our party on!

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
I’d have to say that I think having a project like Raannt and doing interviews/reviews and designing a creative/fun website with your partner is pretty “sexy”, so I just put Peter and Alex up near the top of the list. Our parents are also inspirational couples. They each have successful careers and are committed to great organizations that help people. They raised beautiful families and still find time for each other. If we end up 1/2 like them we will be pretty “sexy” ourselves!

Ron Miner and Gabby Love

1. What are your names. What are your job titles or define your jobs.
Ron Miner aka DJ Indiana Jones- Founder/CEO of Crush Entertainment, DJ, Promoter, Cultural Activist
Gabrielle Love aka DJ Gabby Love- DJ, Model, Horseback Riding Instructor/Trainer

2. How long have you been together?
Almost 2 Years, since July 2009
3. How did you meet?
Through mutual friends- when I (Gabby) realized I wanted to pursue and learn how to DJ, I approached (actually begged) Ron multiple times to teach me. He finally decided to teach me in March of 2009. Our friendship quickly grew and soon after we realized the feelings we had were far greater than just being friends
4. What did you do on your first date?
Flew down to Miami for a gig of Ron’s. We stayed in the penthouse suite at The Foutainebleau Hotel in South Beach. It was epic
5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
Sexiest date for us would be having a nice lunch or dinner downtown then heading to a Colt or Pacer game
6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
Jay-Z and Beyonce w/ a splash of David Bowie and Iman
7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
There really isn’t one issue we argue most about and we really don’t argue very often. When we do argue though the key for us to resolve it is by not holding a grudge and being able to talk about issues open and honestly.
8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
First and foremost, we developed a very strong friendship before the thought of a relationship even occurred to us. Having that strong friendship first was a key factor in the success of our relationship. To this day we are still each others closest friend and confidant.
Secondly, we don’t hold grudges and always talk about any problems/issues we have within the relationship and in our lives. Having an open line of communication between us is crucial, since we are not only in a love relationship but also have a working relationship as DJs
We are huge goofballs and super nerds. We can always make each other laugh and can find fun in almost any situation.
9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
Sexiest Vacation- we are both so crazy busy all the time that anytime we can take a vacation, we make it sexy. We are going to the south of France this Fall. That will be a super sexy vacation
Sexiest Sunday- strolling through the grounds of the IMA and dinner in Broad Ripple
Sexiest Saturday- Stereo Love at Room 929
Sexiest Song- ‘Adore’ by Prince

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
Slater Hogan and Erin Polley… Next to Peter and Alex, of course

Sam Cronk and Steve Turner

1. What are your names. What are your job titles or define your jobs.
Sam Cronk – Hair Stylist at Full Circle Hair Studio & Steve Turner – Captain with Indianapolis Metro PD
2. How long have you been together?
6 years
3. How did you meet?
On a Thursday night at Greg’s Nightclub August 11, 2005.
4. What did you do on your first date?
Dinner at Bravo Cucina Italian Restaurant in Castleton
5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
Dinner at an amazing restaurant like Season’s 52 followed by a Broadway Musical at The Murat Theatre.
6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
Bonnie & Clyde
7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
Laundry or cleaning the house in general….Hired a maid!
8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
Trust, Communication & Friends
9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
Vacation—Maui, Sunday afternoon—Walk from the house to Mass Ave stopping off at Hoaglin To-Go for brunch then lazily walk around downtown Indy stopping by a few patios (Mesh/Metro/45 Degrees, etc) on The Ave., Saturday evening—dinner for just 2 at a R. Bistro or Recess followed by evening at Talbott Street (or other club) with good friends ,song—Kylie Minogue-All The Lovers.

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
This was a tough one…..sooo, we guess Dallas and Karen Clark.

Jason and Tawny Jenkins

1. What are your names. What are your job titles or define your jobs.

Jason Jenkins Birthday June 10 Gemini
Subterra Lounge & Tiki Bob’s Cantina, Owner
Tawntilia Jenkins Nickname Tawny Birthday August 10
High Maintenance Salon & Nail Parlour, Owner
Also…Indianapolis 50th Anniversary Playboy Bunny(2010)
Indianapolis Playboy Girls of Golf Winner (2010)
Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week Jan. 17th 2010
A+ College Girls feature October 2010 Featuring Tawny and Erin Heidrich

2. How long have you been together?
We met 8 1/2 years ago. I was 21 & Jason was 28.
3. How did you meet?
One night my girlfriends and I went out with some guy friends that had a limo and Jason owned the Limo
Company back then. As soon a I got in the limo, I fell in love with
Jason at first sight. I knew we were soul mates. I was like “who is that guy?” we casually talked that night. The next weekend we all went out again In the limo, & we exchanged numbers. We went out the next weekend on our first date.

4. What did you do on your first date?
He picked me up, we went to Charbonos Restaraunt for dinner, then he brought me home.
We’ve been together every since. and if your wondering, we didn’t have sex on our first date. I made him wait a couple months. I’m a good girl.

5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
Getting all sexy, going to Dinner downtown @ Ruth Chris Or 45
degrees, Getting a VIP room at Subterra Lounge with some Champagne, Dancing, and a suite at the Omni.

6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
I’m not sure if we are a lot alike but we admire the love and loyalty Tim McGraw & Faith Hill have for Each other. It seems like they truly love each other and have a healthy relationship. They both work hard at their jobs and still balance family life very well. They seem normal and down to earth at the same time. That’s how we try to live our lives.
7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
Well, we don’t argue or fight very often, but if we do its probably over something really small and stupid. Jason-“its
usually when Tawny has PMS and wants me to do something around the house like Clean the garage.” Tawny-“I don’t like fighting and feel bad after, so I say I’m sorry and try to make things right really quickly.” I’m really sensitive and don’t like for people to be mad at me. I’m a happy person. I’m glad we don’t really ever have issues to fight about.

8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
Our relationship works because we believe in being Faithful and 100% committed to each other.
We love each other unconditionally and are very loyal to each other. Tawny-“I cant imagine not growing old with
Jason or spending the rest of my life without him. Jason is an amazing Stepfather. Jaylen was 5 months old when
we met. So they have a very close bond with each other.” anyone that meets Jaylen instantly falls in
love with him. you can ask anyone that knows Jaylen. He is so special and loving. He always gets high honor roll
and good conduct awards. He has always been very helpful with the special needs kids at school and he told us when
he gets older he wants a job working with special needs kids. He must get that from his nanny (Tawny’s mom)
because she was a special needs teacher for the severe mentally Handicap for ten years. Tawny and Jason- ” We also have amazing, crazy, fun, sex. That’s the key to any successful relationship. We won”t go into details about our sex life, but it’s just that good.”

9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
sexiest Vacation- anywhere tropical, warm, and sunny on the beach relaxing. But the Playboy Mansion was definitely
super sexy. and Vegas is always sexy.
sexiest Sunday afternoon- Sunday Funday from our bedroom. our favorite
sexiest Saturday night- the 3 D’s…Dinner, Dancing, and Doing it.
sexiest song- King Of Leon- Sex On Fire
But we also like all of Usher’s songs. they are all sexy. Or Trey Songz and Tim McGraw

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
Ron Miner and Gabby Love. we love, love, love our Ronnie and Gabby.

Melissa Elrod and Bryan Schmidt
Our Personal Favorites for SEXIEST Power Couple!!!

1. What are your names. What are your job titles or define your jobs.
Melissa Elrod and Bryan Schmidt
Job Titles: Melissa: Doctor Of Optometry Student Class of 2012, Master of Public Health 2008, Optometry Intern for Lanter Eye Care & Laser Surgery, Brand Ambassador for All State Promotions, Inc.
Bryan: Event Promotions Director for Image First: event management company & Account Executive for Cellucom Group: wireless distributor throughout the state of Indiana. Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

2. How long have you been together?
We have been dating since August 13, 2008.
3. How did you meet?
We met at Champps Northside on a Wednesday night. My friend Tiffany saw Bryan and approached him saying “You’re hot, Are you single? You have to meet my friend.” while I was chatting with other friends across the patio deck without any idea of what she said to Bryan. Later on in the evening, he saw me talking to Tiffany and came over to
introduce himself. I thought that he was friends Tiffany. We immediately had a connection and talked the rest of the night. The next day when Bryan called I asked “How do you know my friend Tiffany?” Bryan answered “Who’s Tiffany? I had never met her before until last night.” Turns out, Tiffany played matchmaker and just had an inkling that we needed to meet.

4. What did you do on your first date?
For our first date we went to The Bodies Exhibit downtown and then had sushi at Forty-Five Degrees on Mass Ave.
5. What makes for the sexiest date in Indianapolis?
Something unique and completely different than what you’ve done in
the past…..and an extra dirty vodka martini with three blue cheese
stuffed olives would help.

6. What fictional or famous couple are you most like?
Mr. & Mrs Smith because we have separate lives when we are not
together, but when we are together, it’s explosive (minus the trying
to kill each other part).

7. What one issue do you argue most about and how do you resolve your arguments?
The issue we argue about the most is what movie/tv show to watch. Bryan prefers war and drama movies and 60 minutes, Dateline, 48 Hours Mystery, but Melissa prefers comedies and romance movies and Sex & the City and Top Chef. We resolve it by agreeing on watching Entourage or Real Housewives together or switching who gets to choose the movie
each time.

8. What are three secrets which make your relationship successful?
#1 we can’t tell you…it’s a secret. #2 We balance each otherout. #3 We don’t take anything too seriously.
9. As a couple…Sexiest Vacation? Sexiest Sunday afternoon? Sexiest Saturday night? Sexiest song?
As a couple: our sexiest vacation was to Charleston, SC: wine tasting @ Middleton Place plantation, skydiving, southern cuisine,cigar & wine tasting shops, relaxing on the beaches of Isle of Palms, hot summer nights, walking around and taking in all the beauty and history together.
our sexiest Sunday afternoon is every Sunday duh! but if we had to choose it would be sleeping in together and then riding our bikes from downtown to Broadripple for a late brunch in Brip.
our sexiest Saturday night was when we went to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra play the music of Led Zeppelin on the Lawn at White River State Park, laying on blankets outside, watching the sunset and
listening to great music.
our sexiest song is “You f***ing me makes me bilingual” by Jose Nunez.

10. Who do you think is the sexiest couple in Indianapolis?
Michael & Malori Wampler: Michael is the owner/president of MJW Financial LLC and Malori is a physical therapist. They are a talented, well traveled, and beautiful couple of Indianapolis.

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