Back to School Fashion Essentials! High School and College!

School has officially started for some High Schools and next week for most Colleges.  In an attempt to help you start a school year fresh and push your popularity status higher than usual, here are the top 15 items you must have!

1. Bag                              6. Hoodie                                11. Sunglasses

2. Pants                           7. Cardigan                             12. Sweatpants

3. Shirt                            8. Jacket                                  13. Watch

4. Shoes                           9. iPod                                    14. Tie

5. Shorts                          10. Hat                                    15. Button Down Shirt


1. Bag/Portfolio                          6.Shorts                                  11.Sunglasses

2. iPad                                        7. Hoodie                                12. Suit

3. iPod                                        8. Jeans/Pants                         13. Watch

4. Mac Book                                9. Shirt                                    14. Tie

5. Converse Shoes                      10. Button Down                      15. Jacket

These are meant to not only make your life easier during this fall semester but also stand out among your classmates.  Piece of advice: walk in a minute before class starts, find the hottest/coolest people in the room and sit next to them.  This will guarantee you the perfect study partner for the rest of the semester.

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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