Auf Wiedersehen Summer in INDY…

Ahhhhh…what a great summer it has been…especially if you’re a RAANNT boy!!! We’ve had so much fun and been able to experience so many events and been able to meet so many great people. And we’re sure this is only the beginning. So, as summer comes to it’s final days, falling away into cooler temperatures, and Heidi Klum’s voice can once again be heard on Project Runway whistling “Auf Wiedersehen”, we’d like to recap some of the finer moments of the end of our summer.
The last Friday in August found us at the Moto GP party, just hours before the race, partying at one of the most amazing houses in Indianapolis off of Kessler Boulevard. We don’t think we’ve had so much fun in a long time. Proceeds, we were told, went to the Marion County Humane Society. This was a party not to be missed with local photographers, a fashion show, several bars, several dj’s, and partying late into the night.
The previous Saturday, we were at the White Party at Talbott Street. Although it didn’t seem as if it were as crowded as the previous year, we had just as much fun and stayed almost the entire night. Although Kathy Griffin was performing that night down the street, there was still a good turnout and most of the people attending stayed true to the theme of the evening and wore white. We, of course, wore white, as should any good boys attending a White Party.
Tony Moran was the guest DJ that night, and played consistently well all night long. Consistently well? Uhhhh…he was amazing. Even more amazing was how friendly he was when we went up and introduced ourselves. He was chatty and answered our questions, even took his picture with us and introduced us to his boyfriend. It’s really nice to be treated well by a DJ, not to mention a NATIONALLY acclaimed DJ, who by the way, said he would take any requests we had, but we couldn’t think of anything we wanted to hear that he hadn’t already played or had on his playlist. Needless to say…he was a class act, an amazing DJ for Indy and an awesome choice by Talbott.
And while we’re giving out awards to Talbott…
Gotta love the boys in the drag bar…B.J., Nate and Tim, for always being in costume, being quick and lighthearted. They make the whole experience so much more fun. We don’t know if they’re asked to have a different costume or not, but we are always delighted to see what they have in store for the weekends we come to Talbott. It’s small added touches like that which make some clubs stand way out in front of the others. Way to go boys!!!(One small question…what is that we see in your parking lot? No, no, no!!! If you’re that hungry, please refer to above articles highlighting Red Eye, Denny’s and our favorite waitress Constance at Steak and Shake, not to mention our dear Willow will be returning. But no, no, no to the cart!!!)
Summer has ended at Rehab at the Palms of Bella Vita and went out with one last event, highlighting Salon O1 in Carmel. Although it rained last Sunday, the girls and guys of Salon O1 were out at Bella Vita, enjoying the last Sunday. And for those that waited around long enough, it got really nice around 5:00, and as usual, the pool at Rehab was busy and crowded.
The folks at Salon O1 were able to hand out some cards and free massages to lucky participants and one such young lady won a bag worth $100 of Salon 01 products and a free massage. But…sad to say, the lazy summer Sundays of laying around the pool at Bella Vita, or in a cabana if you’re lucky enough like us, on most days, are over.
We would most graciously like to thank the Bella Vita staff and patrons who made our summer so wonderful. (And the bikini clad wonders who we loved hanging out with and sharing their shrimp salads…haha!) Especially J.R. Peare, owner of IndyScene, who made us feel special every Sunday we were out there, and everywhere else we happen to run into him these days. Hopefully next year, we’ll be able to do a little bit more with you and Bella Vita and make it even greater than it was this summer. And just to get out a promo for J.R…this Friday, September 11th at 7pm is Indy Vinos at Blu Martini. Please attend if you can!!!
So…there are so many other small things we’d like to fill you in on…but, we’re super busy planning our fall and all of the things we have to do. Look for many more updates and hopefully more intriguing gossip, although we’ve chosen to try and stay away from that sort of trash…(hmmmm…) And as the cooler days fall upon you, the leaves change to the color or your tweed, Prada jackets and thoughts of the perfect, Halloween costume fills your every waking moment, always remember…
Eye’s Open…We’re Watching!!!

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