Anything Else Colaborates with Cosella For ‘Ayo Techno’

Cosella & Anything Else - Ayo Techno
Cosella & Anything Else – Ayo Techno

Tech-House music has been around forever… Really tho, ever since the electronic music movement, tech-house has been there elbowing its way to our ears, ipods, radios and hearts! Now that everyone has drank the tech-house-Kool-aid, we’re happy to say that the evolution of tech-house has gotten deeper, sexier, dirtier and, quite frankly, stronger then any other form… I mean, who doesn’t like to go down the rabbit hole and play for a while ;-)?!?! Up and coming artist Anything Else has dropped ‘Ayo Techno’ and it really defines OUR definition of the genre. Pulling from the original concept of tech-house, the track has killer support from other DJs like Wax Motif, Destructo, CUFF, Thee Cool Cats, Chad Tyson, Heartly Beats, Clyde P and now us! Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

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