Abie Flinstone…Asian Infused Nicki Minaj: Get Outta My Way

Several months ago we were dancing around our bathroom, listening to GIRL Radio while getting ready to go out for the night.  Suddenly, this happy, poppy song came on and we found ourselves wondering who this chick was that sounded a little bit like Nicki Minaj.  We snapped a picture of the song and went on about our night, the photo being lost in our photo album until tonight when we were deleting old pictures.  Upon finding the snapped picture of the GIRL Radio screen with the title at the top, we programmed it into YouTube and found the video for Abie Flinstone‘s Get Outta My Way.  While jamming to the song we did a little research and found that she had released the single in the US last January.  Born in the Philippines and now residing in Belgium, this 21 year old is determined to make a name for herself in the music industry.  While we love the song and feel it’s a major contender, we’d like to see what she could do if she really let loose with her lyrics.  She recently released a preview of her single Moon Walking, which is diverse in that she intertwines rap beats with a more electron dance feel.  We’ve put both songs below so you can check her out and see what you think! We believe she could be the next big thing…We’re just happy we looked through our old pictures!


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*Image Source: Abie Flinstone’s Facebook Page

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