The Rapture!!!

Apparently, tomorrow a worldwide Earthquake starting in New Zealand at 6pm will initiate the beginning of THE END!!! Doomsday

So we were sitting here tonight and thought maybe it would be appropriate, just in case these predictions are true, to say our goodbyes, our love ya’s and hopefully we’ll see you on the other side…

We were also asking each other what we would do if tomorrow is actually THE END…or let’s just say for all practical purposes that this is the last weekend…What would we do? What would we eat? What things would be important for us to do one last time???

ALEX – “Spend it with my friends and family and people that I care about. I’d just enjoy it the same way I would if tomorrow were tomorrow like any other day. I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t do anything different. I think that every day I live is unique and one of a kind anyway.”

PETER – “Not me. I’d take out a bunch of money and play the high stakes slots at the casino. I’d have sex…several times. I’d have continuous movies playing in the background…To Kill a Mockingbird, Smoky Mountain Christmas, Basic Instinct, Out of Africa…My Dog Skip. I’d buy a few things I never allow myself to buy. As a person in recovery, I always thought I might use one day if I knew it were the end. But I wouldn’t. I have no need or desire to drink or use drugs anymore. Maybe that’s the explanation for the sex, the gambling, the shopping…and the FOOD! I’d have Chinese buffet, warm Krispy Kreme donuts, mac and cheese, cheap Totino’s pizzas, lemonade and lots and lots of stuffing. And then I’d sneak over to my best friend Tonya’s house, sit on her patio and smoke cigarettes and laugh a few more times before heading home and spending the last few hours with Alex and the dogs…yep. That’s it!”

What would you do??? Anything special???
Leave us comments below and IF we don’t disappear tomorrow, our pick for the best response will win a doomsday souvenir surprise from us!

Til then…or up above…
Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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