Lars Burmeister…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Lars Burmeister 2_raannt

Lars Burmeister is one of the leading male models in the world.  Since 2004, when he signed with Ford Models, he has been known internationally for his lips.  Well, not just for his lips, but they’re a pretty remarkable feature considering he has some of the sexiest lips in the business.  He’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, Express, Hugo Boss and many, many more, now finishing up his 10th year in the business.  We adore him and think he’s the perfect choice for Sexiest Man of the Day!

Lars Burmeister 3_raannt

Lars Burmeister 4_raannt

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Casely Hayford Leather Skateboards by H by Harris…Sexiest Item of the Day!

casely hayford skatebords_raannt

We’re a little late posting about these amazing skateboards, which aren’t even available anymore, but last February if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these one of a kind beauties you were lucky! The collaboration between H by Harris and Casely Hayford produced this luxury skateboard that is both sleek and luxurious, although to our die-hard skate fans, probably not very realistic!

Check out all of the other amazing finds at H by HARRIS and Casely Hayford!

Stay tuned for our next pick of Sexiest Item of the Day!

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