Seven Lions Releases The Gathering Darkness Part I: “Serpent of Old” Featuring Ciscandra Nostalghia

seven lions serpect of gold nostalghia_raannt

This track is SOOOO hot!!!! Seven Lions releases a striking new single, “Serpent of Old” featuring Ciscandra from Nostalghia, via Skrillex’s OWSLA label. He dives into a darker side of his production that is manifested in his ominous song, “Serpent of Old.” In “Serpent of Old,” he begins with a soft beat that is met with Ciscandra’s yearning vocals, sweeping atmospheric effects, and a seemingly eastern-influenced melody. Shortly after the different elements combine and build together, the track opens up with a booming bassline that drives the main sequence through glitchy accents before hitting a trance-like bridge and returning back to the bassline. Seven Lions swaps out a euphoric, uplifting vibe for a mysteriously shadowy and deeply stirring offering.

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