Kate Winslet…THE Look…Yesterday and Today!

Looking at Kate Winslet today, in her campaign for the 2012 St. John Spring Collection, it’s difficult to remember a time when she was floating and freezing on a slab of driftwood only big enough for herself, leaving poor Leo to drown in the icy depths of the Atlantic.  These days, she has slimmed down and become quite a regal beauty, now serving as the Queen of St. John herself.

But it wasn’t always that easy to look stern and gorgeous, was it Kate?

We dug deep into the internet archives and pulled out Kate’s glamorous look of yesteryear…1991 to be exact, when she guest starred in a little known series called Dark Season.

Oh my! You have come a long, way baby! We’re strong believers that beauty and sexiness is plentiful in those gracing confidence, leading us only to believe that her Academy Award for The Reader, her six Oscar nominations and many other awards have given her a little bit more gumption to walk down the street and feel proud of herself.  Way to go girl! You should be proud…not only for looking absolutely amazing, but for proving to women all over the globe, that even in Hollywood, women do become more gorgeous as they get older!

But just in case you didn’t get enough of the old gal Winslet…we included a clip of those Dark Season days!

Check in tomorrow for our next Look of Yesterday and Today!

Be Yourself.  Be Unafraid.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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