Gold Meets Old School! This Week in Style!

People constantly ask us where we get our style inspiration.  It’s really pretty easy to answer.  We’re inspired by music, youth, comfort and what makes us feel insanely sexy.  Isn’t that what everyone wants when they slip into something and design their own style aesthetic??? The reality is, no one is wrong about style because style is dependent upon your own personal perspective. Therefore, we might love some Hip Hop street clothes, but we only pick those pieces we feel inspired by to include in our own personal closet.  Everyone should do the same.

Style is personal.

So what kinds of things do the boys of raannt like stylistically, we’re often asked.  Well, Alex definitely falls towards high end brands while mixing it with Latino cultural accessories of leather bracelets and rosaries.  He is obsessed with wingtips.  We both are.  Alex is definitely a child of today and the future while Peter falls towards yesteryear, obsessed with vintage shopping, western shirts, tattoos and finds his style more reminiscent of rock stars from the 70’s, walking a lonely path in the deserted Southwest.

One thing we both have in common…we’re obsessed with Gold and glam.  We can’t get enough of it, as you’ll see in our style picks for this week.  Below we’ve gathered several images we’re adding to our own style closets: tight cuffed jeans, tattoos, thin suspenders, high gloss and gold wingtips(especially the Prada Spazzolato Derby Wingtip), Cole Haan wingtip sneakers(we promise to never mention wingtips again), vintage concert tanks, digital gold watches, latex shirts and cute, innocent socks.  Who can resist a guy in a cute pair of socks?

Check back in with us every Saturday to see our Style picks of the week and daily for style reviews and news!


Oh, and one more thing…wingtips! Lolz

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