Gaga’s Applause Video! Politics Vs. Pop! See Official & Lyrics Video HERE!

lady gaga applause artpop_raannt

Have you seen it yet?  Duh…we’re talking about Lady Gaga‘s new video for her new hit single Applause from her upcoming Artpop album! Ok, we have to admit, as huge Gaga fans, mature monsters so to speak, we weren’t too impressed the first time through.  Maybe because we expected something super weird and electrifying.  But after watching the video a few times, we fell in love.  Not only does she go through about 50 “look” changes throughout the video, maybe a small reference to her constant reinvention, but she also seems to be making nods towards the strong division between art and politics…or in 2013, is there one? In case you missed it, we’re pretty sure that was Gaga as Hilary Clinton! Check out the video below and let us know in our comment section what you think!


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