Yes Man Watches…Sexiest Item of the Day! Again!

yes man watches 2014_raannt

Earlier in the year we posted Yes Man Watches as the Sexiest Item of the Day when they were raising money through a Kickstarter campaign.  Well the watches are up and live and now they’re making sunglasses as well! We love these watches and sunglasses so much, and the mission behind the funds, that we’ve continued to post about them.  Last week Nathan, the owner and creator of Yes Man Watches sent us one of the watches as thanks and we were ecstatic when we opened it! The thick band and face are absolutely beautiful and the watch goes with everything.  Even though we’re both fighting over wearing it, both of us have received tons of questions about where we got the watch so we thought we would post about them one last time…until they come up with something new(Hopefully backpacks!)

Go check out their website and order one of these affordable and gorgeous watches today! We love ours!

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Victorinox Swiss Army introduces: ALLIANCE

victorinox swiss army watch 1_raannt

A few weeks ago we were asked to check out the new Victorinox Swiss Army watch: the Alliance. We were incredibly excited to review a watch brand that we’ve loved for so long, so of course we jumped on the opportunity! Victorinox Swiss Army introduces ALLIANCE – a watch that plays with the classic styles of the Victorinox Swiss Army brand while introducing subtle details of modern and eye-catching elements! The Alliance watch offers two options for the dial detail, one in gray and the other in eggshell with the choices of two different bracelets, polished and stained steel or an ecological tanned black leather strap.

victorinox swiss army watch 2_raanntThe inside of the watch is just as incredible as the outside – Swiss-Made engineering adds exclusivity and luxury to the entire feel of the watch. The Alliance watch is equipped with a self-winding ETA 2824 movement, making it reliable and durable. While in the dial, the Alliance offers a modern touch by making the second hand and the “Automatic” inscription on the dial in the famous Victorinox red.

victorinox swiss army watch 3_raanntThe Alliance is easily keeping up with the current trends in fashion… Matching the every so classic styles of Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry! The Victorinox Swiss Army brand is known for its elegance and masculinity and the Alliance meets those classic standers and goes the extra mile to make its lucky owner feel extremely luxurious.

victorinox swiss army watch 4_raanntThe fine lines and making of the interior and exterior of the Alliance watch by Victorinox Swiss Army technical features include: Mechanical self-winding movement, anti- reflection sapphire crystal, 10 ATM/100 M/33 FT water resistance, steel case, luminescent hands and/or markers, screw-in case-back, see-through case-back, date display, ecological tanned leather strap, deployant clasp, and embossed military time.

victorinox swiss army watch 5_raannt

Check out these amazing watches on their website for more information on the killer Alliance watch and the other Victorinox Swiss Army watches. We honestly are in complete love with the brand, the styles, and especially the brand new Allience.Check back for daily style reviews and posts in our Style section! For style product reviews contact us at

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THE HAWAIIAN: Made With the Spirit Of Aloha…Absolutely Obsessed!

swae hawaiian watch 1_raannt

SWAE Watches officially launched “The Hawaiian” organically made from the Hawaiian Koa Wood.  This one of a kind watch is light, cool and masculine and makes for the perfect arm candy.  Check it out and get your own! This cats spent good quality time designing and creating the watch, and it shows! We love it! We are so absolutely obsessed with these watches we want to sport them all summer long this year!


We so believe in these watches and we think you will too! Check out their website and let’s make them a reality! Buy them HERE!

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Yes Man Watches…Sexiest Item of the Day!

yesman watches 1_raannt

“Have you ever thought about how you are using your time? Time is invaluable and everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet so few actually acknowledge how they spend their time!”

We are absolutely obsessed with these impressive, state of the art, creatively designed timepieces from Yes Man Watches! We were contacted by the developers over a month ago about their Kickstarter campaign and in that time, they have well surpassed their goal of $15,000.

yes man watches 1_raannt

At first glances, these watches may not seem much different than other watches, but it is in the finest details that these watches passionately transform.  First, we are incredibly delighted by their leather watch band concept in which they use notches, instead of holes, closely aligned in a row, enabling more sizing options, to get the perfect fit every time.

yes man watches strap_raannt

Our favorite thing about the Yes Man watches is the placement of their logo at the 5 mark. This is what they wrote about the importance of their logo placement:

There is a reason our logo is placed at the 5 mark. Too many people feel restricted by tiresome 9-5 jobs. Life is full of constraints, but truly there isn’t anything holding you back but yourself. Start chasing your dreams and who knows where you’ll end up. Your potential is limitless; maybe you won’t need that 9-5 job anymore.”

yes man watches logo_raannt

We are extremely supportive of anyone who is chasing their dreams, which is also the concept behind the Yes Man watch! We love what these guys represent and what they are trying to do by changing our perspective of how to spend time via timepieces.  Although they’ve hit their goal, they still need tons of help in making their dream a reality.  Check out their Yes Man Watch site and watch their video which explains the notches and the position of the logo at the 5pm mark, plus truly shows the passion behind these watches!

We are absolutely obsessed with Yes Man watches! These guys are awesome!

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MVMT Watches! Join the Movement! Stylish and Affordable Perfection!

mvmt 1

We love good arm candy! Strong, luxurious, quality, arm candy! For a minute, watches took a little bit of a time out as people started to depend on their phones but as fashion circles back to the classic times when watches made the outfit, more and more brands are popping up and competing for our wrists!

mvmt 2mvmt 3mvmt 4

One of our new favorite lines has become MVMT watches.  They look as if an man wearing them can feel expensive, powerful, masculine and most importantly confident.

mvmt 5

Their concept is simple: Stylish watches which are also affordable! Perfect for every man!

Check out their website HERE for more info and find out more on how to Pre Order!

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