Avicii’s Newest EDM Beats: Exclusive Clip of his Newest Track!

EDM lovers check it out!  The incredible master of deep beets and high notes Avicii drops his latest hit “Last Dance”.  The instrumental track has already picked up the love of major EDM DJs like Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Steve Smart and others, who also await further remixes to be unleashed later this fall.

The deep base sets the mood for a head banging, body shaking, fist pumping and hair flimping dance track that will keep you moving till the last beat.  This playful track is perfect for the many parties and shows fall brings.

The force of EDM nature that is Avicii has been taking over the scene since early 2010 and with this new jam its odvious he’ll continue to do so.  Prepapre yourself to sweat your EDM and Avicii love with the YouTube vid of the new single released by OMT:


and remember, DJ raannt played it for you first!

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