Arno Cost Drops ‘Coming Home’ Featuring James Newman on Armada Music

Arno Cost's new single on Armada Music. Out now on Beatport:
Arno Cost’s new single on Armada Music. Out now on Beatport:

In the mist of music festival season, we, electronic music lovers, find ourselves connecting with people from all over the world. Making new friends that love what we love, creating ever lasting friendships that DJ/Producers write songs about. Arno Cost drops a new track that makes us think of these experiences. Like the time when you make new friends at a festival, you connect over the music, you link instagrams accounts and start following each other on snapchat.

Arno Cost
Arno Cost

Arno Cost releases ‘Coming Home’ with Armada Music, such a perfect match for this track. The energetic beats set the mood, making it the ideal track for arriving to your party destination! James Newman provides the vocals that uplift the energy while the emotion of the bass thumps through you body. All in all this track, for  us and hopefully for you, warps the emotional high a music festival provides. We may all have houses, but our favorite music festival… is a home sweet home! Check out the track below and don’t forget to buy it here. Tell us what you think on Facebook & Twitter!!!!!

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