ZARA Leggings For Men

leggings for men_raannt

About a year ago, a friend of ours asked us what we thought about meggings – leggings for men – and what we thought was “NO!” So when ZARA, one of our faves, introduced legging style trousers for men, we were a little worried.

In true ZARA fashion the legging style trousers are killer. They totally fit this chic posh kind of hipster that’s too cool to actually be a hipster, if you can follow that description. Needless to say we love them… well, we love these.  The whole idea that men wearing leggings is scary, but ZARA brought us a killer option that we just died for! Two please!

leggings for men 2_raannt

Leggings style trousers with suspenders!

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