Would You Rather? Friday The 13th or 666?

Are You Superstitious? Are you sure? Would you walk under a ladder if you didn’t have to? Do you hesitate every time a black cat walks in front of your path? Do you knock on wood? Ever? Do you believe in urban legends…enough to check the backseat of your car late at night to make sure a killer isn’t lurking, waiting to get you and slit your throat?

Are you really, really sure?

To many people, the date they get married is very, very important to them.  Vegas had a rush of weddings on 7-7-07.  There are tragic holidays, such as 9-11, that very few people will probably ever use again for weddings.  But what about Friday the 13th? Would you get married on Friday the 13th?

Would You Rather? Round 4

Would you rather have your wedding anniversary be Friday the 13th…or 6-6-06? (Comment below)

And to those lucky couples getting married today…we wish the very best of luck…under the circumstances!


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