We Make No Apologies…


As we walked into the iSorry Party last Friday night, we joked that our title to this post might be “iSorry We Came”, because it appeared to be absolutely dead. The party was held at the 8 Second Saloon on the westside, with local DJ’s in the main room and national DJ’s in a side room, where we spent the majority of the evening.

There’s not really tons to say, except that the music was absolutely amazing…JJ Flores, Steve Smooth and Donald Glaude provided electro-pulsating vibrations all night long, with local drummer and raannt favorite, Joe Meltdown, providing rhythms to their mixes…Transic go-go dancers and beat movers made the entire evening electric, and we wish we could have stayed for the entire evening!
JJ Flores, who is a resident DJ at Crobar in Chicago, even took several minutes out to chat with us about being in Indy and that he would definitely continue to support a local event such as the iSorry Party, especially if we could pack the rooms! We talked to local DJ, Jared Curry for awhile, and he was also equally supportive, but stated that he felt a venue closer to downtown, and possibly on a different night might bring a larger crowd. As a side note, the boys of raannt would also like to suggest getting a big name sponsor so the cover charge isn’t as great and maybe people wouldn’t feel they have anything to lose by coming and once exposed, will never miss it again! We were completely intrigued and had a great night dancing and talking to all of our friends.
Local promoter, Jacob Stahler, did a great job bringing together local and national talent and creating the idea for the event! We wish him much success in the future and hope this is only the beginning of these events, being that we had such a great time. This is a perfect example of why we started this website in the first place…to bring awareness to amazing events in Indy that are scarcely attended. While the room was packed by the time we left, we realized it was full of die-hard music fans who probably wouldn’t be there otherwise. If we could expose the rest of Indy to this kind of event, everyone would have an “electric” time…maybe next time…if so, you can bet we’ll market the hell out of it!!!

Amazing job Jacob…and all those involved…and thanks to the local and national DJ’s who came out and gave us a great night!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!!!

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