The Unauthorized Beats of World Reknown DJ Drew G…

Recently we were getting ready when we heard a mix of “Don’t Stop Believin” by the Glee cast. Instantly in love, we went on to research the DJ who spun up the mix only to find DJ Drew G’s sampling mixes of tons of great songs. True lovers of house music, we were inspired by his thick and thunderous beats, we had to find out more about the guy who is soft on the eyes, spins unruly mixes of our favorite songs, is known all over the world and was invited to DJ at the inauguration of President O’Bama…

1. How did you get into DJ’ing?
Djing was kind of a dare. A bigger dj (whom shall rename nameless told me I couldn’t do what he did) So I set out on a quest to do it…. and do it better.

2. What other career aspirations did you have that have contributed to your being a sensational DJ?
I grew up working in sales and marketing environments so I think that has played a huge part in this for me. I know how to market and sell myself to specific crowds and I know what those crowds want to hear from doing my research on them and paying attention to them while spinning.

3. Who are your three favorite musicians of all time?
Eddie Van Halen, Nicholas Barker, Jimmy Page

4. Who do you currently love to spin and why?
I love Chuckie right now, his sound is so current different and fresh compared to what alot of producers are putting out.

5. You have a history in classical music, how does that affect your DJ’ing?
I can hear keys signatures and incorporate that on the fly…. unlike other djs I don’t need a program to tell me what keys to mix in.

6. How do you incorporate your playing guitar?
I used to plug my guitar into a separate mac and play chords along with songs. I has been ages tho since Ive done that and I don’t know if it would translate to the current musical climate and or confuse people on the floor.

7. You typically play at gay clubs and are playing quite a few Pride Day events. Are you gay and either way, how does this affect you in the business?
I actually play a good mix of gay and straight clubs and will support anyone and anything that is a good cause (ie pride) I enjoy playing good music for people that love to dance.

8. You have been called, “a hottie with a heart?” How does looking good or being sexy help or hinder you in your career?
Yes Ronnie Kroell had called me that. You know I don’t really consider myself good looking. That has been a problem Ive faced my entire life. So I don’t know how it would hinder my career. A lot of people say they are intimidated by me, but I really don’t believe that. Maybe if I was Brad Pitt or someone of that caliber but I’m not nearly as good looking as someone like him.

9. Is there a pop musician you would never spin and why?
I kinda hate Kylie. Her voice makes me wanna claw my eyes out lol. But if she had a big hit nowadays Id have to play it and cope.

10. Since you have been around many circuit parties and clubs, you probably have witnessed a lot of drug us and addiction. What are your feelings about this in the night life scene?
Being a recovering addict myself it can be hard at times. Although from what I can see use has gone down quite a bit. Either that or people are just hiding it better.

11. What is the greatest moment you have ever had DJ’ing?
I love playing this outdoor festival in VA every year at Kings Dominion but the crown jewel gig still is spinning at the Roxy in NYC.

12. What would you be doing if you had an entirely different career?
If I had thought about it growing up more I would of been a politician.

13. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn’t be mixed what would it be?
Ugh….. that’s a hard one. Probably the first Van Halen album.

14. Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
I’m really a midget in an overcoat.

15. We love the mix you did of the Glee cast “Don’t Stop Believin”, but have not been able to find it anywhere to buy. Where can people find your music?
The Glee mixes are all unauthorized and in fact FOX has had them removed from YouTube like a zillion times, which is sad. They don’t get how well their music translates to dance.

16. Who is one DJ you would cancel for so you could go hear perform?
Thomas Gold. I would run jump and scream to see him live and to meet him. Genius.

17. What is your feeling about go-go dancing and it’s new fame with DJ’s?
Dj’s gogo dance???? I don’t mind go go dancers. Just don’t put flaggers on the stage in front of me lol.

18. Who, besides yourself, will be the next great DJ?
Everyone is kinda playing the same shit lately and I havent appreciated a set in ages…. although Nita Aviance in NYC is really doing well for himself. Very different sound tho in comparison very unground.

19. While spinning do you ever think about other things, like what kind of pizza you’ll order when you get back to your room?
When my next Jager shots coming.

20. Sexiest City? Sexiest Club? Sexiest Hotel?
LA, Voyeur Philly, Helix DC

21. Boxers, Briefs, Jockstraps…or nothing at all?
Boxer briefs or nothing at all.

Thanks buddy…can’t wait to hear you soon in person!!!
For more information on DJ Drew G visit his website!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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