the SEXY list…the summer edition

the SEXY list…the summer edition
1. Heather Delicious
2. Sugar Factory Lollipops
3. Guerlain Insolence
4. Louboutin Wedges
5. Sonny Clark
6. Joe’s Jeans
7. Rosaries and swimsuits
8. Baby Oil as tanning oil
9. Freak by Estelle
10. Porn star Ian Duncan
11. Ke$ha
12. Chick by Nicky Hilton
13. Being invited to be on the Chelsea Lately Round Table
14. Sex in the City II
15. Katie Price
16. Daniel Craig
17. The Crazies
18. Porn Star Matthew Rush
19. Country Music star Brad Paisley
20. Sandra Bullock
21. Adult Lemonade Stands
22. Lesbian Wedding Dresses
23. Sexy Lifeguards
24. Shakira Live
25. Sarah Jessica Parker
26. Taylor Laughtner…Legal Eye Candy
27. Porn Star Sensation/Zak Efron Look Alike Brent Corrigan
28. Model Bar Refaeli
29. Stief Larsson books for summer reading
30. Gold Watches
31. Night Swims
32. Nobu 57
33. Model Marissa Miller
34. Vintage Concert Tees
35. Rooftop Pools
36. Porn Star/DJ Pierre Fitch
37. Trueblood Season III
38. Laying Out
39. Lesbian Romance
40. Bohemian Style
41. Black and Mild Cigars
42. Starbucks Iced Americano’s
43. Sexy butts with tan lines
44. “I MADE THE SEXY LIST” Tee Shirts by the boys of raannt available at

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