The Boys of raannt Welcome Fred Phelps…

“God Hates Fags”, or apparently so…according to the catch phrase of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, lead by anti-gay demonstrator Fred Phelps. The group, who are well known for their protests and rallies against just about anything…hmmm…gay, will be protesting at North Central High School today in reaction to the students production of The Laramie Project, a play depicting the killing and aftermath of Matthew Shepard, a young, Wyoming student who was tortured and murdered because he was gay, bringing awareness of hate crimes to our country, in 1998.

Since we have started raannt, we have experienced nothing but absolute acceptance and support from the straight community of Indianapolis. So, to show our support of our unity, The Boys of raannt would like to extend a welcome to Fred Phelps and his posse and invite you out for a night on the town, our style…our treat! But be forewarned…the night might get a little crazy!!!

We thought we could start off with sushi, followed up by martini’s at Scholar’s Inn or 45 Degrees. We were going to take you to Broad Ripple afterwards, but by the looks of your constant cowboy hat and adoration for leather and ruggedness we thought maybe we would head over to the 501 leather bar? It’s your pick, but as the self-proclaimed hosts of Indy, we would like to make you feel welcome and have as good of a time as we do every time we go out…Oh! And maybe we could run over to Saks and Crate and Barrel and show you our wedding registry so you can pick out our gift!

And to everyone else, if you see us out tonight, tip your hat, and do a little dance…thank God Thursday’s are known for half-price drinks…

(If you happen to be in the area of North Central today, we greatly encourage you to blast your Lady GaGa, Britney Spears or Whitney Houston…those folks are gonna be God-forsaken bored in all that rain!…They need to hear you loud so they can dance!!!)

For more information visit The Bilerico Project.

Remember…we just like to have fun! Sushi, martinis…a little dancing? Who could turn that down!

Can’t wait to hear from you Fred!
Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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