Taylor Swiftly Moves Kanye Out to Pasture…

Just moments ago, Taylor Swift was shooed aside by Kanye West while she was accepting her award so that Kanye could pump the genius of Beyonce’s video for Single Ladies, which would win Video of the Year moments later. Seconds after Kanye was booed while being announced as a nominee for Video of the Year, Beyonce won, handing over the microphone to Taylor Swift, giving her back “her moment.” Congrats Beyonce…not only did you show what a class act and premier diva you are, you also showed how important you are as a role model in the music industry and how, just maybe, you are way, way underrated.

Taylor then took the microphone, smiled and said, “Maybe we could try this again?”, showing that class and style isn’t something learned, but something inherent! Standing ovation by Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Pink and the entire crowd brought celebrity alike together as they figuratively pushed Kanye out to pasture…(although Lady GaGa, who you couldn’t see through her atrocity of a costume, and Perez dressed just as ridiculously, were sincerely moved).

While we impressed with Beyonce’s win and Taylor’s class…we at raannt still believe the award for video of the year should have gone to…yes folks, Britney Spears! If you want to see the Kanye moment…we’re sorry, we had it up for awhile, but is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom. Hmmm…the people want to see Kanye’s Craziness!!!But as long as it stays up…we have the moment that Beyonce gives the mic over to Taylor! Watch it here!

Eyes open, we’re watching!

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