Sidetracked…and whipped

So…the night didn’t exactly turn out the way we had planned, but we ended up in all the right places…at least for once. We had decided, along with the newly crowned Social Queen, Nneka, to head downtown to a birthday party at Subterra. Although we hear it’s small, we hear great things about it, so we thought we’d give it a try. On the way downtown, a friend texted us that the female impersonator, Shannel, was performing tonight at Talbott Street. We had all seen her on the reality show, Rupaul’s Drag Race, so we thought we might stop in for a minute and see what she was really like and then head down to Subterra. Well…needless to say, we never made it to Subterra. When we drove up to Talbott we were amazed. The parking lot was completely packed and it appeared to be more crowded than some Saturday nights. We went inside and headed upstairs, which was also packed. While ordering drinks, we were confronted by Shelly, the bartender, about having called the Talbott Street staff “elitist”. Uhhhh…let sleeping dogs lie…we thought we were past all that. But, Shelly is always so great and at the time, we hadn’t really meant her anyway(I wish you had known Shelly that in the past you were one of the ONLY bartenders we would go to), but now everyone is so nice so we don’t care. I hope she was joking though as we’re trying to get past all that and haven’t heard any complaints about any bad behavior from any readers. (By the way, we want to congratulate you and Miss S on your recent engagement!) Ok…enough of that, on to the show…(Although we must comment that the temperature in the club felt great tonight so whatever you guys did…we’re extremely pleased…)
Honestly…probably one of the best shows at Talbott in a long time. Not to mention the nationally famous Shannel was performing. And for anyone that knows anything…did you notice little Miss Tommie Ross on stage too! Legend! Vicki and Asia both looked more spectacular than we think we have ever seen them look and the audience responded in kind to their performances.(Sad that some people, for reasons unknown we guess…couldn’t make it??) We don’t know what the real story is behind all of this drag battle madness, but obviously you gals are feasting on some blood won…we only wish we had brought out some of our girls that had never seen a show before because tonight would have been the night to see one for the first time…Whoever is hiring the guest talent is doing an amazing job these days…we’re just sad we won’t be in town to see local legend Jamie Hunter…
We got to Talbott late so we didn’t get to see her whole performance, but for anyone that watched Rupaul’s Drag Race and have seen Shannel perform, you now know we didn’t get to see an inch, so to speak, of what she was really like on the show. Purple Vinyl? Loved it…and then walked up and down the stage juggling. Truly a showstopper. I think sometimes we forget how much work they all put into what they do and how they are really great entertainers. We talked with Shannel after the show and she was just as down to Earth and personable as we had imagined she would be. We had hoped we could maybe send our friend Brittany Mason over to see her in Vegas, as she now lives there and has many exciting projects(shhhhh!)in the works…but it appears that Shannel will be moving to Seattle. Well…we’re just happy we got to see you before you headed out west…all the best!
Ummmmm…what has happened to Asia LaBouche? She was the emcee tonight and blew the audience away with one hilarious comment after another. We can’t even recap everything she said, but needless to say, she got her digs in…deep. We are choosing to stay out of the chaos we have read as we believe in LOVE, but let us be the first to say…we love a gal who can laugh at herself first! This might be an appropriate time to remind you that those who laugh on Friday cry on Sunday; but in this instance…we don’t think you will. You showed true class and got one up. Good for you and may one day everyone come together and we can have ten hour drag shows at some bar watching every queen from Indy, Carmel, Martinsville and Prince Lakes perform until we can’t stand another second. And then everyone can stop bitching about the equality of drag in Indy…bore!!! The reality is…there just isn’t enough room at the top and you girls, Vicki and Asia, were at the top tonight with Shannel and Tommie Ross! Amazing!
We decided not to stay out too late tonight, sorry Subterra…maybe next time, but the TRIBE did hang around Talbott long enough to dance some and then we took Miss N over to the gay sex store for a quick tour in case she ever needed any supplies! Ahhh…Fridays in the Summer…we’re gonna miss them…


Starting in August…as the summer winds down…we’ve decided to review two clubs or restaurants a week that we haven’t been to before or haven’t reviewed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And as we close down the night, we want to give a special comment of appreciation for Tim at Talbott Street. Whether waiting tables or manning the door of the drag room, he is always hilarious and courteous…a true character that makes the night even more enjoyable. Sometimes, it’s these small things that make the night even more enjoyable and we always love seeing you Tim…

Alright everyone…remember…
Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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