Sensual and Sexy Saturday…

Last Saturday…we weren’t really sure what to do with ourselves. We had received several invitations, but decided to start our evening off at Bella Vita, where our friends, Silver Carpet Couple, Promoter Bryan Schmidt and his girlfriend, I.U. Doctorate student Melissa Elrod, had secured a cabana. It was an amazing, early fall evening out at Geist, and Bella Vita was packed. Most of the people we mingled with had plans to attend Oranje after leaving Bella Vita, and after a quick trip through Broad Ripple, we planned to run down to Oranje too.

Oranje…as described by their website, “is a contemporary arts and music event showcasing progressive artists and musicians”. For more information, visit their website at: Oranje…Indulge Your Senses. We never made it there that night, due to our amazing time in Broad Ripple, but we definitely plan to attend and review their next event! We hear they’re unbelievable!
While at Bella Vita, Bryan introduced us to Dave Smiley, host of WZPL’s Z99.5’s Smiley Morning Show. Dave was absolutely genuine and hilarious and chatted with us for several minutes, even possibly inviting us on some morning, which, by the way, we would love to take you up on that offer. Needless to say, we’re introduced everyday to Indy “celebs”, but none as truly authentic and kind as Dave! A true asset to Indianapolis. You can follow him on twitter HERE! And of course, he can be heard every weekday morning from 5am-10am…Damn Dave! If you do ever invite us on…book us late…NOT morning guys!
We also had the pleasure of being introduced to Kim Iverson, who hosts her national radio show, “Your Time with Kim Iverson“, which airs weekdays 7pm-midnight. We only spoke with her for a few minutes because she was running out to catch a plane back to Austin, but it was fun to hear about her stay in Indy! We hope you enjoyed it Kim! Come back soon and next time…call us!
After Bella Vita, we met up with our friend Ali Chapman and her manager Johnny at The Upper Room. I had previously been asked earlier in the day by an old friend, who was celebrating a friend’s birthday, where they could go that was sexy, sensual and loungey? Uhhh…The Upper Room should have these three words as the definition on their flier. We had such a great time visiting with our friends, Melissa and Bryan in toe, dancing the entire time we were there! We had to admit we had never been there before…but we’re seriously considering it as a New Year’s option…or at least, early night option. The Upper Room is located at the top of the stairs on top of The Broad Ripple Steak House. As stated on their website…The Upper Room is one of “the best kept secrets in town”!
Next we headed down to Landsharks. Broad Ripple is always busy, but Saturday seemed to be busier than usual. And we bumped into so many gay friends that we began to understand why they’re not packing them in downtown anymore. Anyway, Landsharks has completely upscaled their establishment, now mixing a thunderous dance floor, still overseen by their gorgeous, beat driven go-go dancers…
one of which, Justine, was nice enough to stop and talk to us for a few minutes, before she went back to conducting the dance floor. The back of Landsharks has been remodeled and now holds a VIP section, complete with ambient, red lighting and private booths. We bumped into Darren Block, owner of Landsharks, and his exquisitely beautiful wife Sky, who both seemed to be having a blast, surrounded by tons of friends. Strange to find out that Darren and I had gone to high school together and I was extremely impressed, having seen the lack of reinvention of other clubs in Indy, to see what he had done with Landsharks since they had opened many years ago. Literally, it does not even seem like the same bar…it has been transformed! For more information…see their website HERE.
We had such a great time on Saturday, trying out new places and visiting some of our old haunts, welcomed with absolute open arms and generosity, that it made us question why we continue to return to some of the same establishments that don’t know how to treat their patrons like VIP, always…Kudos to Bella Vita, The Upper Room and Landsharks for giving us an amazingly, pleasurable evening…And don’t forget to come out and see Ali Chapman on Tuesday at The Blue Martini for the premier of her television show on the WE network! It all starts at 9:30…
And on a side note…we were on the phone this morning with Kendra Wilkinson‘s manager, welcoming her to Indy, and hopefully setting up a dinner date where we can show her there’s more to Indy than corn on the cob!!!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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