Roxy Sowlaty Tells Us What Makes Her a #RichKid of Beverly Hills! An Interview

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In a world where Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian define the meaning of rich and beautiful, E! introduces a show that will introduce five more beautiful faces to the mix – #RichKids of Beverly Hills premiering January 19th at 10pm.  Roxy Sowlaty takes her over the top personality and lets us into what could be one of the most exciting shows since The Simple Life with Paris & Nicole; this time, not so simple.  Check out Roxy Sowlaty…we love her:

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1. Introduce yourself in 5 words or less.

I think I am…. #fabulous #generous #eccentric #loving #cut-off

2. What’s the one thing that people know you for?

People know me for being a litttttle over the top at times…..

3. What makes you a #RichKid of Beverly Hills?

Probably the fact that I’ve never had to look at price tags or dollar amounts when I sign a bill.

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4. What should E! fans expect from #RichKids of Beverly Hills?

E! fans can expect all of the fun, crazy, conflicting friendship tribulations and life speculations that most 25 year olds go through .. the only difference is that it’s harder to muster motivation to figure out your life when you’re lying in 1000 thread-count sheets and have a Range Rover waiting for you in the garage.

5. Let’s play “UnFollow (on Instagram), Marry, Screw or take a selfie with” with your castmates:

a. Morgan Stewart: take a selfie with… and then have her make fun of my open-mouth pose or the bow that’s probably in my hair.

b. Dorothy Wang: screw… over (just kidding!)

c. Brendan Fitzpatrick: unfollow – I can keep up with his photos via Morgan’s Instagram.

d. Jonny Drubel: marry – I think having a rich gay husband is the best way to go at this point. At least he won’t complain when we go shopping!

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6. How do you define sexy?

Sexy is being confident and being able to laugh at yourself.

7. What is the sexiest hotel? Luxury item?

Sexiest hotel is Georges V Paris or Villa Deste in Lake Como

Sexiest luxury item right now is a Ferrari F12

8. What is something about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

I’m totally tech savvy and know how to fix everything and anything. I’m a closet geek.

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9. What do you want people to remember you by?

For being the girl that loves everything sparkly, gold and fabulous but is always there for my family and friends because although I really do enjoy the luxuries of life, family always comes first.

10. What are your three simple luxuries?

1. chocolate souffle at Beverly Hills Hotel.

2. Seamless web or any delivery app – because I AM OBSESSED with delivery anything.

3. A good blow out.

Thanks Sexy!

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