Rewind…Fast Forward…Club Kids in Indy…Pause!

The 90’s had club kids; Michael Alig(from our very own South Bend, now in prison)and Richie Rich of Heatherette fame, not to mention Amanda Lepore and the famed Limelight nightclub!
heatherette boysheatherette
Las Vegas has Pure and Rain…plus the new Peepshow with Holly Madison. Miami is lush, ocean chill with spots such as Shore Club and Nikki Beach. All of the clubgoers being tan, vibrant, young professionals, working hard and partying hard…
And what does Indy have??? Well, actually, Indy has a strong foundation for what could be an amazing social scene, complete with a certain midwest diversity of culture and style, but we haven’t quite grabbed it yet, have we? Constantly when we go out, we think to ourselves either…this has been so much fun we definitely have to write about this, or the alternative…whoa!!!! Wait a minute, I feel like we just visited the swap meet across from the race track! So maybe, we need to conceptualize and realize what we have that could be built upon…a kind of chic, horror movie, simple intellectualism of dance, music and collective style of vintage where east coast meets west coast. The middle of the road; above and beyond.
talbott street
Which is the main reason we endorse, yet challenge Talbott Street so much to be the best club possible…because we believe, they could quite possibly be the Limelight of Indy…especially after what we witnessed this weekend. DJ Deanne seemed to be back to her old ways; and the music was quite amazing! We’re not sure what has happened or changed, but her heart and soul seemed to be back into it again and that she had found whatever it was she had lost. The music was awesome and we had such a blast dancing again!!!(We had come out specifically to see Austria Andrews, because she told us she would be there but unfortunately she was missing…Hmmmm…We were disappointed not to see her, but Mokha Montrese dancing her ass off made up for it…completely!!! She was absolutely amazing, as were the rest of the girls! We’re wondering if Austria will still be making that move to Indy she talked about previously? If so, let’s hope those ducks are in a row first! Good luck to you lady!)
And maybe the midwest’s version of club kids is drag queens, pageant queens and strippers…who knows…but we’re about to put pen to paper and define this town!!! There will be a test!!!

Eyes open…we’re watching!!!

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