Our Time Wasted With Kim Iverson

Tonight, while on our way home, we were listening to “Your Time With Kim Iverson” on 99.5. During her discussion she began talking about how she had always thought someone should start a “personal introduction” service for single people who wanted to meet specific people and how this service could find out if your interest was single and interested in meeting you and then perform the introduction. The guest on the show joked that it would be much like a “celebrity matchmaker”.

We want to know who the hell Kim wants to meet that she can’t meet on her own? We’ve met Kim, and honestly, she’s pretty stunning in person. While she did shine us on briefly, chasing after an interview with a local, former Playboy Playmate, she did give us a few minutes of her time. Quite frankly, we don’t think she took us very seriously.

So we’ll help you out with this one. We’ll even arrange a “Do you want to date Kim Iverson” check sheet and hand it to the person ourselves. “Do you like Kim…Yes or No?…” Sadly, we guess you’re not with Abercrombie anymore, but after what we heard you say about him on the show, and how he treated you, we kind of wondered why you stayed with him anyway, except for maybe his “Jersey Shore” name…The fact that he wouldn’t propose to you after so long and dangled a ring in front of your face, as stated on your show, is extremely hurtful. Leave it up to two gay men to find you a real man, a man that will treat a woman right and put a gorgeous ring on your finger! You deserve much, much better!

Interestingly, when we googled Kim’s name to find a picture of Abercrombie we found tons of threads, including a Facebook fan page, on why people don’t like Kim Iverson’s program. The page on Facebook is even titled “Kim Iverson being boiled alive.” Well…that’s not very nice. We think maybe all of this mistreatment of Kim could lead her to not think very highly of herself and maybe why she has difficulty meeting someone who treats her well. Kim, do you really have that much difficulty, especially as someone who gives relationship advice on an almost nightly basis, to go up to someone and introduce yourself? Come on…Maybe you should ask one of your guest psychics whats in store in your love stars…

But we still enjoy listening to your show because it’s just…so…unbelievable…

And by the way, throw out a hello to our dear friend Dave Smiley, who promised us a guest spot on his show. Never happened…RadioNOW treated us much better and came through on their promises.

So…best of luck Kim and if you’re interested in that check sheet or even some advice, give us a call.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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